An Introduction to Spiritual ME : Effects of Gayatri Mantra On My Mind !

Spirituality ??  Really ?  What it is ?

That is the conversation during my teen days like all teens I had my own world-own beliefs in which there was little space for spirituality or spiritual beliefs-I mean seriously how many teens thinking about spiritual at that age ? when you have money–friends-time-your sexual magnetism at pick level. 

But I always found one strange thing about self-observation-that when ever I bowed to temple or pray to god-or murmur the chant-Some sort of deep happiness-satisfaction felt…


As Teenager and due to Spiritual family background you have to take part in spiritual gathering or at the festival times when Evening Artior Puja Happens.-But it was waste of time or feeling of helplessness. 


 With Grace of god I was not totally against it but I had done it for the sake of doing it, not by will. or interest. SUDDENLY there was time when I was about to ruin my academic Career.  


Glance at Spirituality-Pl z..Don’t take it seriously !! 


So at the starting of 10th Standard I had to develop one habit of going Shiv temple early morning before going to school.-That was strict order from my parents- and I was like OKEEY..let’s try this one.

Earlier I didn’t like it to wake up 30 min early and visit temple but after 2 weeks it felt good.I kind of like that holy atmosphere of temple-sound of Shanknaad-nice aroma of incense stick-holy songs & chants.


After 2 months I used to spend more time at temple & visited so every temple in the city-and YOU KNOW WHAT? I got great results in local school exams. Well, it concretes my faith for few time in Spiritual powers.


Ohh, Wait for  A Second.Story Is Not Over Yet…:)


There is one habit of human being that he/she will only remember God during tough times or hard I lost contact with Shiv temple after got great results. as result, I got average marks.All family members especially My mother advised me to keep continue that habit.


Somehow I Passed my 10th Std with Good Grades with Keeping Going to Temple…;)


The Big one is coming…Keep Reading…:) 


There is THUMB RULE in India that if your son or daughter got 70% or above marks in 10th. She has to take science as the main subject otherwise whole universe (i.e circle of relatives-family friends-neighbours-friends of friends) will give you a label of careless parents.


So finally I was Science student who was interested in everything apart from Maths & Science-I got passing during my 11th science- that was like earthquake bigger than 7 rector scale-My family members were so worried about me-Of course I AM the ONLY SON. 

12th STD Declared as WORLD WAR 3!

Now the level was so tough- I was in my most crucial academic year which will decide my future (i.e. according to my parents belief-which is not true)-So my father get a new rule to chant.


GAYATRI MANTRA Every day once.


IT was totally Uncool-I Mean How can a 17-year teenager who barely got time from studies-Spend 1 hour in Chanting? BUT I agree with that rule somehow remember the past experience.

Initially that was not cake walk to sit at one place & chant for hour-but gradually it got in habit-after like 15 days some inner confidence appears & the feeling of calmserenedeep satisfaction-felt within.


That was the reason I passed by 12th science but it gives me full faith & confidence on GAYATRI MANTRA & Spirituality. 


Never Ending Spiritual Journey Began : 


This mantra changed my entire life-the way I was thinking earlier the way I am thinking now is completely different. because of its vibrations you can feel more energetic physically as well as mentally also.


During  my collage days I have decided to do  Anushthana(i.e.Chanting of Gayatri Mantra Few thousands times in eight days ) –This Sadhana is very secret-pour-it gives devotee unexpected power and happiness.

What’s Reason behind this much Power :

I was always very curious about these things earlier why this mantra is so powerful. & one day I was searching among different resources and I found these


(Om-bhurbhuvah-swah-tatsaviturvarenyam-bhargo-devasya-dhimahi-dhiyo-yo nah-prachodayat)


– Our Rishis choose particular word from every chant and made above Gayatri Mantra

– Om  –   Brahma or Almighty God.

– Bhuh – Embodiment of Vital Spiritual energy. (Pran)

– Bhuvah – Destroyer of Sufferings.

-Swah –  Embodiment of Happiness.

-Tat   –  That.

– Savituh  – Bright Luminous like the Sun.

-Varenyam – Best, Most Exalted.

– Bhargo  – Destroyer of Sins.

-Devasya – Divine.

-Dhimahi  – may imbibe

-Dhiyo  -Intellect

-Yo – who

-Nah – Our

-Prachodayat – May Inspire.


I know Every Teenager is free to live his own life with his or her own beliefs but listening to parents can change your life at early age.-I know at that age its seems like the small thing but that smallest thing will make you big impact on your life.ITS Seems like Lecture but the True reality of life.

Keep Smiling…Keep Chanting…:)

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