Fortnite announces Support-a-Creator event

With a public announcement, Freighter has helped to promote an unusual new “Support E Creation” event. So, what’s wrong with this incident? The epic game is recognizing a great Creator community that has thrown around tutorials from Tokyo to strips and far outside. When supporters spend V-Bucks in the game store between October 8 and December 31, they translate the real world cash for those creators NFM GAME Most Popular Game News 2018.

Fortnite announces “Support-a-Creator” Event

How does it work?

The forwardite players choose a creator that supports a government list available on the above-mentioned Announcement page. This is a big list currently sitting in more than 1,300 names, and every 24 hours will be updated from Thursday to Thursday. Players will be able to choose creators that they will select in a game using a new menu that will be shown in the item store fun unblocked games.

After choosing this creation, you want to support, just spend V-Bucks in the game store and you will be able to send a part of this creator to this creator. Epic says that the amount received from the generated scales is supporting many players. At present, 10,000 Vaccines spent in the game store translate to $ 5 for creators. Players can change the creator at any time. He said, the support of a given creator will be up to 14 days. After this time, the game can quickly pick you up … or, you can only re-select the same creator that you’ve already selected if you would like.

How do I take part?

If you create content associated with forwarder and think that you can succeed in participating in the event, check the Official event page for a deeper rule. Epic Games set some basic principles for those who want to participate.

Creators must:


  • Regular has created and issued forensite content in the last 30 days
  • At least one “main social platform” has at least 1,000 followers
  • Epic supports that in one form be able to accept payment


Apart from these standards, anything goes on. Epic accepts applicants from a large variety of all auxiliary areas, languages, and materials. This is not limited to screens: fan artists, cosplayers, musicians, or other standards that can meet these standards can apply. If the epic acceptance of the application, creators of Creator will be able to find them on the official list through their epic identities Learn Tech News.


Epic also has issued an alert to all those who want to participate: because it is the event … well, size and space can be epic things dirty. He warned that processing and payment of payments may be delayed due to volume, and they can limit the registration so that the application volume is too high. They also carefully cautioned the creators against clicking prom promotions or making appeal for purchase, but it is not said that doing so will also be correct to do so.


As the epic game said, the creators did not expect to get rich from this event. He said, this is a great way to players just to help their favorite creators at the time of holiday season.

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