Gender Diversity Might not Mean Gender Parity

Work places are getting diversified. If we are to considergender diversity then there are more women today than there was ever in the global workforce. Though the progress is particularly slow, jobs are losing theirgender tag. The major factors to play is industrialization and education. Thesurge in woman working population was one of the ‘aftermaths’ of the World WarII, when the male working population dwindled. However, what started as an alternative is now a progressive move and normal order of things.

One thing that remains constant though is the invisible pay parity. When women went into the workforce, they were paid almost half of the wages of a man. Today women just get 82% of standard compensation.

And it is just not the pay parity that needs a huge rework, but the glass ceiling very much exists. It is breakable consider gender and many have broken it. But the question remains, how many? Women representation at the higher altitudes of the corporate mountain remains low to negligible.

The State of Workplace Gender Parity 2018 – A TopCHRO Report comes with a researched and detailed picture of workplace genderdiscrimination.

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