Success Secret of The Great Charlie Chaplin !

I am really interested to read new books at particular time in life I was so obsessed with theater and drama, I used to follow so many actors, theatre personalities, also I am very fond of reading autobiographies of famous and successful people who faced so many hurdles in life and achieved success, I have created long list of autobiographies which followed by Mahatma Gandhi, Charlie Chaplin, Abraham Lincoln.

One fine day I found this book called The Autobiography of  Charlie Chaplin.

I have read this book in 15 days and I was so inspired by this actor. I must say he was a very brave man and courageous is the right word for him.

The Charlie Chaplin’s life was not easy from the beginning, at the early age he lost his father Charles Spencer, He was died at the age of 37 due to illness and alcoholism, Her mother Hannah was a singer at London Music hall, She used to appear on stage under name Lily.

Charlie’s mother was suffering from mental illness and had to live under care center for many years. Charlie and his elder brother used to live at home alone where his elder brother used to work and take care of little charlie,

Chaplin began to perform on stage. He later recalled making his first amateur appearance at the age of 5 when he took over from Hannah one night in Aldershot, This was an isolated occurrence, but by the time he was 9 with his mother’s encouragement, grown interested in performing.  Through his father’s connections, Chaplin became a member of the Eight Lancashire Lads-Clog dancing troupe, with whom he toured English music halls throughout 1899 and 1900.Chaplin worked hard, and the act was popular with audiences, but he was not satisfied with dancing and wished to form a comedy act.


At the age of 19, he got signed by very famous Fred Karno company. Charlie used to travel various countries with his troop and his elder brother Sydney enrolled in the program to become a seaman. Charlie’s mother Hannah spent her most time of life in a mental asylum.

Sainsbury secured a role for Chaplin in Sherlock Holmes, where he played Billy the pageboy in three nationwide tours. His performance was so well received that he was called to London to play the role alongside William Gillette.

By this time his brother also joined his theatre company to become a comic actor with Charlie. slowly press noticed this young actor and Charlie got his first fan following.

During his second tour with this theater company in America, he was invited by Keystone studios to make a film with Charlie. Earlier actors also hired on the salary basis so they hired Charlie with $150 per week.

Charlie’s first film was Making a Living which was released in 1914. After that Charlie had appeared in many films which made him financially stronger.

To focus and to make his own ideas and stories he started distributor company called United Artist in 1919. under this company, he created some of the most amazing silent films of their times called The Kid, City Lights, The Dictator, Limelight. Modern times. A Countess from Hongkong. 

Really Great Book and the very inspirational journey it reminded me one quote.

The Great Accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall.

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