Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson the book that inspired the Movie!

I have just finished This book after continuous reading for almost 2.5 years on every weekend.

The Book is about steve jobs life & journey narrated by Wellknown author Walter Isaacson.

This book is about 500 pages. You cant read this one as a novel, you must read it with 100% attention & clear mind.

It contains 42 chapters which are describing journey of jobs life from childhood to his jugdement day.

I have tried to summaries few interesting chapters from this book.

Early Life Childhood, College life & how apple started

Little steve with his father paul jobs

–  Steve jobs was an adopted child, his father paul jobs was a car mehanic & very simple guy who loved to fix machines.

– Steve jobs childhood was a normal as 1950’s kids, he grew up at mountian view the small town from silicon valley.

Steve’s College Life

Steve jobs in Homestead high school 1972

Steve job’s college life was more like a hippie, he was not at all liking the education system. He was fond of arts and design classes more than technology.

-During early college days Jobs got into Hewlett-Packard explores club where he saw the first desktop computer 9100A, it was more of a glorified calculator then Computer.

–  Jobs decided to build a frequency counter which meausres the number of pulses per second in an electronic signal.

– he needed few parts that HP made, so he called CEO of HP Bill Hewlett in palo alto & talked about 22 minutes.

– He was fond of music during his studies, he also read a lot outside of science & technologies like Shakespeare, Plato, King Lear.

– Ultimately he was at intersection where he liked electronics & arts

– Jobs soon got bored with college as he didn’t find all classes worthwhile.he decided to drop the college studies in the final year.

ODD Couple

Jobs with Stephen Wozniak

– Jobs met stephen wozniak at mecollum’s class, and they became friends. wozniak’s father was an engineer and he was very curious about electronics.

– He spent lot of time reading his father’s electronic journals and about new powerful Computer ENIAC.

– Steve jobs & Wozniak shares the common interest about electronics, that made them really good buddies at work.

Young Job’s India Visit

– During 1974 Steve jobs got inspired by hippie culture, he was very serious about his search, he got in to contact with Daniel Kottke & decided to visit india.

– He had started his spiritual journey from Delhi, he had visited to neem Karoli baba at Nainital. he had visited Haridwar and the mega festival of Kumbh Mela.

– Jobs became pure vegetarian after his spiritual journey to India, even he had started reading Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind by Shunryu Suzuki, & Autobiography of a yogi by paramahansa Yogananda.

– After returning from India jobs joined Atari a video game producing company. their big hit thus far was a video game called pong.

Apple -1

-Jobs had worked at Atari during 1974-75 where he got experience of business and the importance of design and user-friendliness.

– One day on 5 March 1975 Wozniak got invitation of HP bulletin where 30 like-minded people show up where jobs & Wozniak shows demonstration of newly build Microprocessor, it should have capacity of minicomputer.

– This day changed the future of Jobs and Wozniak, they got vision of personal computer which will be converted later on to Apple-1

Daniel Kottke and Jobs with Apple-1



– Once Steve jobs made apple-1 his vision had developed, he got idea that personal computers should come in a complete package.

– The next apple he decided needed to have a great case & a built-in keypad, be integrated end to end from the power supply to the software.

– His above vision gave birth to Apple-2.


Macintosh Team

– When Andy Hertzfeld joined the Macintosh team, he got a briefing from Bud Tribble, there is a huge amount of work needed to be done and jobs wanted it to finished by January-1982.

– The team was not prepared, but once Steve jobs have arrived he convinced the team to do that work. Steve had one special god gift which is his The Reality distortion Field.

– Apple had introduced Macintosh with a launch event in 1984, that event got attention all over the world.

– Once Macintosh launched was so successful. Apple has launched Revolutionary TV Ad with below slogan.

Why 1984 will be no more like 1984

– Macintosh was a great success for apple. it got apple inc the serious revenue surge. after that Imac had came in to picture.



– Jobs was a serious music lover so he decided to make music so free that he decided to connect music industry to technology.

– At those times CD Players were in to trends, but only problem was you have to carry out music cds and the battery was not so good.

– Jobs took into account all the above problems and he had given solution to the world. Ipod.



– After first round of cancer treatment Steve got back to apple & started working on his last project IPAD.

– He innovate touch pad industry with sleek design & came with I pad. which changed the world of smart devices.

He really believed in below quote

The people who are crazy enough to change the world are the once who do

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