Grow With These 10 Amazing Growth Hacking Tools !!

GROWTH HACKING…Today this term is very heard & famous in the digital marketing field, but very few of us really know what actually growth hacking means.

Let me clear doubt.

Growth hacking is few proven techniques to grow your business by using few tools, it’s not any set process or theory.

its experience and learning by different marketers who have tried it on their own business or experiment on client’s business.

 Now there are few basic objectives why any business will go for Growth Hacking techniques.


(1) Brand Awareness

(2) Traffic Acquisition

(3) Lead Generation

(4) User Behavior.

Let’s understand above objectives with an example of tools.

(1) Brand Awareness :-

If you are a start-up or established Brand, there should be always needed of brand awareness. The more people see your logo or slogan the more they felt attached to your brand, it will boost chances to purchase a product or signup on your website.

  • It’s Email marketing tool by which you can automate your email marketing to increase awareness of the brand. also, it will help to nurture leads.

    Hubspot is the place of Inbound marketing library. you can learn and experiment so many different things at HubSpot.

    they have their free tools which cover inbound marketing to sales, content marketing to lead generation.

    If you are at learning or experimentation stage, Hubspot is must have tools.

    (2) Traffic Acquisition:-

    These tools are which brings traffic to your website directly or indirectly, these tools make your work effort less & smooth so you can focus on more important things, also with help of these tools your fans or consumers can find you easily.


    This tool is so effective as well as very easy to setup that it brings all your data, contacts, social media, Gmail, into one place.so you can manage them easily,

    -It will also include CRM, Social media integration, Relationship Mgmt, Follow ups.etc. 

    With One login you can manage all your day to day business activities.

    Click to Tweet:- 

    it is another great tool to promote your business on twitter via tweets. by using this tool sharing your product on twitter very easier & it gives amazing results.

    It has added a feature of analytics, it shows how many times your tweet or links has been clicked.

    It is super easy to set up & the most useful thing is you can set up anywhere on your website’s landing page, emails, social media posts.

    (3) Lead Generation:-

    Lead generation is big challenge & need as far as the small organizations are a concern. there are certain tools by which companies whether it’s big or small easily acquire leads,
    but important thing is to use those tools very carefully,

     Hello Bar:-

    Hello, bar is a simple tool which is focused on three things, drive traffic, collect emails or point users to your social media.

    -It simply adds one call-to-action button on your website landing page with the horizontal bar but it’s very effective and it shows you result you would never imagine before.

    -It also shows a number of clicks your header gets, & shows you on which page this tool should use.

    Visual Website Optimizer:-

    Above tool is so much efficient that it allows non-technological users to allow A/B testing on their website.

    • it also helps you to set up conversion goals, supports multivariate A/B testing, it supports URL split testing to support different version of URLs.

    (4) User Behavior:-

    •  Quaraloo:-

      This above tool is very much useful with respect to user behavior on the website, it gives an answer why a user on the website takes a particular action, what triggers them to do so.


    – It will give you whole new perspective on conversion rate, how any customer will or won’t become a visitor to lead.

    •  Consumer Barometer: –  it gives e-commerce company that information about online consumers they need to make more informed decisions.   

    –   The most interesting thing about above tool is no sign up required. it’s totally free of cost.


    I hope this piece of article is enough to clarify upon growth hacking, it’s one term which is defined by marketers by doing successful experimentation with some tools, & they have succeeded in their objectives whether it’s getting sign ups or conversion.  SO WISH YOU ALL HAPPY GROWTH HACKING.