10 Technologies to Focus in 2020 for Mobile App Development

With the rise of smartphone technology, things have improved beyond our imagination and that also very effortlessly. Today, smartphones have become indispensable items. Besides smartphones, various mobile app development technologies have become a necessity in our lives. 

There can be no denying that mobile app development has increased revenue also. Mobile apps are not only in-demand technology among users, but they are at present reshaping the way many businesses operate. As per the study, by 2022, the annual mobile app download will reach 258 billion. This mobile app development is giving increased ROI also. As per the statistic, you can expect $581.9 billion in revenue from mobile apps by the end of 2020.

2019 was an excellent year in terms of technological advancement. We have seen and experienced a lot this year starting from AI mobile applications to IoT. Without any doubt, we can say that all that happened in 2019 will remodel the mobile app development industry in the upcoming year. Mobile has the power to uplift the visibility of a brand, that’s the reason, today; every business owner is trying hard to reap its benefits.

Furthermore, the future of mobile apps also appears shinier than before. So, let us find out which mobile app development technologies will dominate the year 2020.

1. The Emergence of Beacon Technology

Beacon technology has already proved itself to be a great marketing tool.  This technology connects the online and offline world efficiently, especially, in a retail setup. The latest technology trend in mobile app development indicates that Beacon technology advancement should be something to watch out in the year 2020.

This technology is the first mobile application development technology trend that has been completely embraced by the retail industry, museums, hotels, and the healthcare industry. It is useful in location technology and proximity marketing. Beacons are wireless transmitters that use Bluetooth technology to send signals. In 2020, it is expected that beacon technology will be included in mobile payment beacons and AI-enabled chips.

2. Revolution Through AR and VR

When it comes to virtual reality and augmented reality, VR redefines the world and AR is just like an icing on the digital cake. Today, there are many mobile apps in e-commerce, real estate, automotive industry, healthcare, and education that are already incorporating AR/VR for better user experience.  In 2020, unquestionably AR and VR utilization will be a focal point for the mobile app development industry. In 2020, it seems like AI integration will be an essential step for mobile app development. The upcoming AR/VR mobile app industry trends can be mobile AR disruption, AR in marketing and advertising, AR in healthcare, AR in manufacturing, and many more.

3. Mobile Wallets Significance

In today’s tech-driven and social media energized world, online shopping has become one of the top mobile app trends. Today, more and more customers prefer online shopping than traditional alternatives. Earlier, online consumers used to make payments through credit or debit cards. But, the evolutions of Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and many more have opened the door for other payment apps.  As a result, nowadays, users choose to use online apps for instant monetary transactions. They are shifting towards m-commerce. By the end of 2020, it is expected to experience more secure mobile wallets, contactless payment, and over 2 billion mobile wallet users. 

4. Impact of 5G Wireless Services

5G technology is one of the mobile app trends 2020 that would change every mobile application development strategy. For mobile app development, the introduction of 5G networks will influence the way people utilize the apps and it will create a data-intensive environment that will smooth the progress of the opening of new markets for mobile app developers. With the 5G network, people will experience strong mobile connectivity and improved smartphone experience. It will provide lower latency and speed up data-sharing up to 10X than existing wireless technology. This will allow organizations to automate more core processes and deliver better applications for presenting, capturing, and sharing necessary data.

5. The Prominence of Wearable Devices

Although IoT is there in our list of mobile app trends 2020, we want to give a special focus on wearable devices as one of the major mobile app technology trends. Of course, wearable devices are not completely new to the market. We have witnessed smartwatches, fitness bands, and even smart rings. All these wearables have changed the way we interact with smart devices. Wearable app integration always makes vital information within arm’s reach. Possible wearable technology trends in 2020 will be a rise in the use of fitness trackers and less dependence on the smartphone. Today, it is necessary to keep a smartphone and wearable device close in order to function. But, in the future, it won’t be required.

6. AI Making the Mobile Apps Smarter

AI has been in the center of attraction for the last few years with a noteworthy advancement in mobile application development. AI’s integration with mobile apps not only made the apps smarter, but it has started saving a lot of time, effort, and money for the mobile app development company. Till now, AI has been limited to enhancing the customer experience. But, in the upcoming years, technology will impact the future of mobile app development procedures. Predictably, Artificial Intelligence will play a bigger contributing role in shaping the internal procedures of a business as well, in addition to the offerings.

7. IoT Integration in Mobile Apps

Have you ever thought that the internet would be so much important and necessitous in our lives? These days, the internet can control everything in our lives. For example, you are outside and you just forgot to lock your home. Don’t worry; you can lock your home from your current location. All you have to do is just install an IoT app on your smartphone.

 By having an IoT powered lock system and an active internet connection, you can lock your home. In the future, not just a house or workplace, you can control nearly everything by using IoT systems. Many companies are investing in IoT app development these days. It is expected that by the year 2020, the number of connected devices globally will grow to almost 30.73 billion. In the upcoming years, expected IoT trends include IoT in healthcare, AI-enabled IoT devices, self-driving, smart automobiles, smart homes, and smart cities.

8. AMP into Action

Google has collaborated with Twitter and the project is known as AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP is nothing but simply a stripped-down version of HTML. It mostly used to accelerate the speed of mobile pages. With AMP, developers can create heavy websites and web pages with fast loading speeds. By using a good AMP score, you can get a reduced bounce rate, an improved conversion rate, ultimate user retention, an excellent user experience. As per the Google declaration, soon there will be a mobile search box that will help users find out mobile-friendly sites. Therefore, in the near future, AMP holds a noteworthy transition in the mobile app technology trends.

9. Instant Mobile Apps

Instant mobile apps are relatively smaller in size. It offers fundamental functionalities without letting you download it on your device. There are various benefits that you will get with instant mobile apps – It relatively small in size, comprise complete functionalities of the website. It will use less space on your device and offer an excellent user experience. These instant apps are compatible with a wide range of devices. By the end of 2020, markets are expected to witness many instant apps. Many developers are already trying out some cool features these days. 

10. Chatbots in App

In the mobile application world, the chatbot is not the new name. It has already taken over various communication aspects. Chatbots prevents the need of having human-to-human interaction in different fields. These days, mobile app users often leave apps after a while. For this reason, chatbots are expected to handle this issue. As per the study, by 2020, people will make nearly 85% of interactions with businesses through chatbots. This innovation reduces the human weakness of getting tired after offering 24*7 services. By the end of 2020, the chatbot market will witness the fastest growth rate due to factors like improved customer service.

Winding Up

All the above-mentioned mobile app development technology trends will undoubtedly grow up the mobile app industry quickly. These technologies have substantial value and potential that can push boundaries for the mobile app development industry. So, if you are a business owner and up for mobile development trends in 2020, you should find a mobile app development company, that can assure you to provide with robust, feature-rich, and interactive mobile applications for your project.  

To make your mobile app development successful it is vital to keep yourself updated with the latest mobile app development technologies and trends. And, we hope that the aforementioned technology listing, you will gain a complete insight of top mobile app development technology trends to follow in 2020.