5 Daily Steps To Maintain Your Moffett Forklift In Best Condition

Forklifts are an investment since they allow businesses to reap the rewards through the smooth operation and optimizing productivity. Of course, not all forklifts are the same and they differ in terms of specifications, capabilities, and components. However, no matter what type of forklift you employ for your business, it needs to be maintained in its optimal state if you are to get gain from it.

In today’s material handling industry, Moffett truck mounted forklifts are quite popular and they are widely used in all sectors and industries of the economy. Though they may be the best at reducing the supply delivery times and providing excellent safety to the operator, even the best of equipment deteriorate if not taken care of properly. That is why, there is a need to properly maintain your Moffett forklift at all times if you are to get your money’s worth from the machinery.

After all, as mentioned before, forklifts are an investment and an investment needs to be protected. The best way to protect this investment is to make sure it is operating at its level best every day so that it may continue to be an asset for your business rather than a liability.

Steps to Maintain Moffett forklifts

Although, all Moffett forklifts are different from one another, yet there are some fundamental steps that can be taken to ensure that they stay in pristine state, no matter what make or model they are. Since the core components and operating principle for all forklifts are the same, so it would stand to reason that the fundamental and core maintenance techniques would work for all forklifts.

The key is to perform these steps every day no matter what the circumstances. This would ensure that the forklift lasts longer and works smoothly regardless of the load that it lifts and the terrain that it navigates. Let us look at some of the basic steps that can be taken to ensure a longer functional life for your forklift:

Checking Fluid Levels: There are various fluids in a forklift that keep the engine and other parts running smoothly. These range from the transmission and hydraulic fluids to coolants and motor oils. It is essential to ensure every day that the fluid levels are at their recommended and required level. If the fluid levels fall below what is required, the engine and mast may heat up due to friction or overexertion. Used Moffett forklifts are at a greater risk of heating up than brand new forklifts since they have been in use longer, yet if the fluid levels are kept at the required level and checked regularly, there is no reason for even an old forklift to malfunction.

Lubricating Moving Parts: Lubricating moving parts is as important as any other task and needs to be performed daily. Though it may seem redundant, yet as simple an act as just checking the lubrication of moving parts every day can contribute to the maintenance of your Moffett forklift in the best condition. Of course, brand new forklifts bought from reliable dealers such as Moffett Truck are well lubricated to begin with, and remain so for an extended amount of time, yet one can never be too careful. For if the parts such as wheels, mast or hydraulic stabilizers are not well lubricated, they can get damaged due to rust or become heated due to friction.

Checking Fuel Levels: There are different engine types for forklifts, including diesel, propane, and electric. In the case of electric, you need to keep the batteries charged at the beginning of each day. This would avoid any unnecessary or unwelcomed delay in operations if the forklift were to stop working. Same goes for the diesel and propane powered forklifts that need to be kept at full fuel level every day in order to maintain the Moffett forklift at an optimum level.

Checking Electrical Gauges: Gauges are quite an underestimated part of any machine including a forklift. They convey the internal state of the machine, which is not visible to us from the outside, yet electrical gauges are often neglected during maintenance checks. One of the daily steps to keep your Moffett forklift in the fit state is to check the state of gauges that convey readings. You can test the gauges in controlled safe environments when the measurements of the forklift’s performance are known and can be compared to the reading being shown by the gauges.

Checking Tires: Lastly, tires of the forklift need to be checked on a daily basis. Negligence in case of tire pressure can lead to accidents and damage of property as well as loss of life. The internal air pressure of the tire, as well as the external rubber part, needs to be checked, that there are no cuts or gashes on the exterior that might compromise the integrity of the tire.

These were just some of the daily tips that are required if you wish to keep you Moffett forklift in a pristine state.