5 Tips To Boost Your Site’s Conversion Rate Using Images

From the start of time the people rely on visuals for communicating with the others. For promoting the services and products, the need of using images has been realized by the advertisers and marketers. In order to reach the target audience, the brands took the help of images. It increases the engagement of potential customers. For increasing the conversion rate, images help a lot. These are also very helpful in email marketing, social media and website optimization. Now I am going to show you 5 tips to boost your site’s conversion rate using images.

1.Improve your conversion rate by using high quality images – For grabbing our attention, visuals help a lot. We can get good conversions if we use good images. As compared to spoken or written words, understanding the visual message is very easy. So, we can say that for encouraging brand recognition, guiding consumer behavior and resonating with customers, a very effective way is visual marketing. It has been found that 3 days after listening to a message we retain only 10 % of information in our mind. But if we use a picture then we can remember around 65 % of the information. For impressing the users, you need to use pictures of high quality. The visitors will perceive your services and products as of high quality if you will use high-quality images. But if you will use pictures of low quality then you will look less trustworthy.

2.Don’t use cheesy stock images – In content marketing, photography plays a major role. However, using cheesy stock photos is not a good idea. If you will download pictures from iStock then these will not be able to convince the site visitors. Always use the original photography. Instead of using stock photos, use genuine pictures of customers, employees and company founders who are real people. Sometimes we cannot take photos because of shortage of resources and time. You will be happy to know that you can easily find images on the stock photo sites and these pictures will not give insincere, awkward or stuffy vibes. These will not have any negative effect on the conversions.

3.Give priority to the images of products and to their demonstrations – Nowadays online shopping has become popular among most of the people. Through online shopping they can conveniently purchase the products of their choice. But without seeing the service or product they won’t purchase it. The ecommerce sites have a digital sales funnel and its crucial components are the images. In order to show the easy-to-understand and visually appealing working of service and products, the companies take the help of interactive graphics, virtual tours and videos. Giving an attractive and informative demo of the product and showing clear pictures will help you in attracting customers. For making the sale, these things need to show the benefits.

4.Get some guidance from the target audience – For visually connecting with the target customers, pictures will help you a lot. So, we can say that at the time of picking the right images for the social posts, emails, blogs and landing pages you need to consider these target customers. For example, you need to consider the gender and age of your target demographics at the time of selecting the photos. So, we can say that including office scenes in the pictures will be good if business professionals are your target.  

5.Make the use of custom graphics – In terms of content marketing you cannot consider photography and the images as the same thing. For converting the viewers, you can use visuals in the form of custom graphics like infographics, illustrated feature images, CTA buttons and illustrated icons. B2B and B2C landscapes can get a lot of benefits from a combination of marketing and graphic design. Strategy as well as creativity play a major role here. For showing the personality of your brand these eye-catching visuals help a lot. Sometimes text can’t communicate the idea in a much better way that the illustrations and graphics can do. If you take interest in guiding the users to your site’s different pages then take the help of clickable graphics and it is necessary that the placement is good and the right colors are used.

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