8 Tips to Avoid Draining Your Gadgets’ Batteries While Traveling

Traveling is so much fun, especially when you visit a country you have never been to before! It’s like you don’t want to leave anymore the moment you discover and fall in love with it, but since you’re just traveling, you have to go back home. With you are precious memories that you will always be tirelessly looking back to.

Photographs and videos are important in traveling nowadays. You cannot travel without taking photos of and in those places. It’s like your travel is incomplete. Those files stored in your electronic gadgets are the proof of your lovely trip, and they can make you recall nice times you might have forgotten for some time.

That just proves how important your electronic gadgets are when you are traveling. At present, they actually belong to your travel essentials! One difficult problem you might face with them however is them getting their battery percentages low until they’re drained. It’s the situation you will hate and regret; it will definitely make you frustrated, especially if no one else with a gadget is with you in your travel.

To help you with that, below are 6 tips so you can avoid reaching a dead battery on your gadgets while traveling.


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Traveling needs a lot of preparation. You pack your clothes, shoes, accessories, hygiene kits and more, but never forget to charge your gadgets while you do that. The unfortunate tendency is that you will just remember charging them once you finish packing your stuff and you’re about to rest or leave already.

Make sure you fully charge your gadgets’ batteries so you can use them to your maximum advantage. An all-day travel strolling would be tough for your camera, especially if you love taking pictures. It’s disappointing if your battery camera become zero the moment you arrive at your travel’s final itinerary. You don’t want your gadgets useless in times you need them to be most useful.


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If your gadget batteries get low in the middle of your travel, maybe because of too much usage or because you left the house with them having half-full percentages, a power bank is your rescue!

First of all, keep in mind that your power bank has to be fully charged as well so it can accommodate your cell phone or tablet. There’s no problem if it is, except if you will bring the wrong cable charger that does not fit your gadget.

You know how hard it is when you cannot communicate with other people through text messaging, call or online chat because your gadgets died. Most especially if it’s for important meetups or booking during your travel, it’s a big setback. Power banks are specifically made for travel aid. Bring yours with you to prevent disconnections with other people and to take snapshots around!



When you are taking a break in a hotel accommodation or when it’s already night time (so you really have to ease off for another day), take that significant opportunity to charge your gadgets.

There are sockets you can use in your hotel room, so don’t hesitate to recharge your gadgets’ batteries; you will need them for another day. Instead of using them over and over again inside your hotel room, it would be better if you take a rest or eat while they are plugged in and charging. Maximize your breaks and rest times by doing such things which are impossible to do when you are out there riding cabs and eating in restaurants.


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It’s important, especially when you are not completely using your cell phone, that you enable their power saving mode feature. In that way, you will put the often-used icons and applications in front of your screen, thus, you power will not be consumed by those that are unnecessarily opened in the background.

Also, you will avoid tapping the applications that eat up a lot of your battery’s percentage. Sometimes, you just keep opening your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, but you’re actually doing nothing; you are just tempted to tap and scroll. To help yourself, better use the power saving mode, so what’s shown are those you only choose to see for quick access needs. 



You sometimes do not notice that the reason why your gadget easily gets a low battery is because it is actively connected to a WiFi in or surrounding the area. Especially if your gadget automatically connects to open and available WiFi, you might become unaware when it does.

When the WiFi is open, your social media notifications appear, messages pop up, advertisements take the chance and more! What happens is that your battery gets used up even without you actually using it. Turn of your WiFi connection, so you will use it only when really needed.



Don’t play games on your gadgets. When you are waiting for your airplane flight or for your hotel accommodation’s call while you’re in the lobby, one of the things you will most likely think of and do to shoo away boredom is to play games on your phone. If you’re saving your battery power, just don’t play.

Take note that games take up a lot of power. Heavy graphics, sounds, vibrations plus online advertisements are included in them, so they are surely power-costly; even more powerful when the games are played while connected to the Internet. 


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Lessen the brightness of your gadgets, especially if you are not using them. It is also a factor in decreasing battery percentage. Just heighten it when you are out there under the sun where it’s hard to see what’s on the screen.

When you are in a hotel room or anywhere enclosed and shaded, be wise. If there are no eye conditions that demand it, you don’t need a brightly lit phone screen.



Bringing an extra of the same type of gadget might be helpful for you to save power from each of them. You are balancing the usage, and you’re not losing either way. The extra gadget could be a back-up or really another item, with some similar features, you wanted to bring on your trip!

Today, it’s hard to leave the house and go to the mall without your cell phone. For some jobs, it’s inevitable to bring laptops and tablets. For traveling, these different gadgets are highly useful. Again, they are actually travel needs now.

Before traveling, make sure that you get them all ready, so you can bring home wonderful memories stored in frozen moments and moving pictures! An expensive and high-quality travel camera is nothing without a charged battery; don’t forget that!

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