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“Writing is Easy. All you have to do is cross out wrong words”

By reading above quote by mark twain: you may think the importance of writing but actually writing is giving words to your thoughts.

After scanning lots of amazing blogs and reading lots of books I realize writing is art rather than science.

I am a Digital Marketing Executive from Ahmedabad, India and I like to mainly deal with developing innovative and unique Digital Marketing Strategies for promoting various businesses and increasing their business sales and revenues. I started this blog in 2017 and it is a place where I want to share my knowledge, as well as enhance it, to help people discover and experience new ideas and inventive practices. The ideas and concepts presented in this blog will attempt to help in contributing to the development and expansion of your organization.

I had begun my professional career with a summer internship program at Amul India Limited, for the Kaira District Co-Op Milk Producers Union, which was a program for fourteen weeks in 2011. This program allowed me to study and understand the prevalent market strategies required to increase sales of cottage cheese products by implementing proper promotional schemes.

internship with amul india ltd

In 2012, I joined a private company called OpenERP now it becomes odoo. where I worked as a Sales Executive in the Sales and Marketing Division for two years.

sales and marketing at odoo

Following which, in 2014, I joined Prarambh Buildcon Ahmedabad, as a Marketing Executive. In 2016, I joined Advantmed LLC Private Limited as a Medical Associate and worked there for a year honing my skills as a marketing professional and, finally, in 2017 I joined MoveoApps where I am presently employed as a Digital Marketer.

My experience of working in the field of Sales and Marketing has further enhanced my acumen as a Digital Marketing Professional. I have run Google Search and Display Ad programs for BrandVeda (Digital Marketing Institute) where I achieved a CTR of up to 7% and got a good conversion rate at a comparatively low price. I have also handled several online campaigns which generated good potential lead figures.

taking digital marketing certification

You can visit my LinkedIn profile.

Let me be honest, you must have seen lots of amazing & fascinating blogs and unintentionally you will compare this one too with them RIGHT ?

Yes You are doing it already ! But NO !

This is Something Different ! By reading this your world will not change but you will have some more information from past one minute!

we bet information found on this blog will add value to your life ! it will help to meet a better version of yourself.

E.g. Do you know there are seven types of leaders The rebel, the explorer, the truth teller, the hero, the inventor, the navigator & the knight….:)

Great Going…we strive to get nice life experience so that we can inform, inspire, engage, stimulate, educate, empower and mentor our dear readers.

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This online place is all about current trends regarding marketing, digital marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing.

But we will not only tell you how marketing works but we will tell you how it will change your life forever.

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