The Secret of Successful 31 BEST NETFLIX TV SHOWS

Netflix is the new fever in entertainment industry. Buying, downloading or waiting are no longer hurdle between you and your favorite Tv shows. Its all replaced with one word “subscribe”, of course to Netflix. The latest trending ones or yesteryear releases, pick any you want, Netflix have it all.

Well with this wide variety, there is always a confusion on choice. I am here to make a small filter for you among all these shows and have picked the best-one’s trending on Netflix giving you the gist of each, though spoiler free. Get ready with your snacks packed and Go on with the list!

1. Orange is the New black

“a female led television excellence”

One of the most popular Netflix original series, “Orange is the New Black” is an amalgamation of dynamic comedy and ensemble character work, started in 2013 and currently streaming with 6 seasons. Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling, a totally charming lead) gets herself caught up over a drug smuggling charges in a minimum-security women’s prison. Well the things are pretty surprisingly lighter in there as she befriends her inmates. Breaking the stereotypical story telling on part of lead character, the series has also freshened up memory of Weeds from its glory days.

If your vibes are with hilarious dark humor, this Tv show is a green-go, with seventh 7th and final season on station later this year.

Orange is the new black

Credit: Netflix

2. Russian Doll: Comedy Drama

Gaining all attention from audiences in earlier months of 2019, Russian Doll is a comedy drama series from Natasha Lyonne, its star, co-creator, writer and director. Typically made for women, the series have brash strong female lead, placing men is supporting roles.  The story starts with Nadia, (Lyonne), a software engineer, loses her life in car accident as heads for a party to celebrate her 36th birthday, just to wake up in same bathroom each time she dies. Well to keep it spoiler free, first season is going to keep you engaged with twists and turns. 

Russian Doll

Credit: Netflix

3. Stranger’s thing

“science and horror blended at pre-eminence”

Big fan of science fiction as well as horror? Well then you cannot miss on Stranger’s things. The story revolves around four children Dustin, Mike, Lucas and Will, who adventures solving supernatural mysteries involving twists and turns, gruesome murders and much more. Gaining a lot of attention with first premiere in 2016 summer, the series continues bundling up audience with two series currently streaming, and the most awaited third season of Stranger’s things is upcoming on July 4rth.

stranger things

 Credit: Netflix

4. Black Mirror

Sci-fic or anthology series lovers have special servings for them, with this Tv show, first launched in Britain (2011) and then moved to Netflix in 2014. Black Mirror, the show which recently premiered its fourth season, has purely carried the paranoia of technology conflicting privacy, sanity and humanity. You may like to sit movie prepared with larger popcorn bowl as the episodes are varying length as can as large as full 89 minutes.  In addition to two Primetime Emmy awards in 2017 for its San Junipero episode and “USS Callister”, the first episode of its fourth season, there was a new feature length Black Mirror episode launched, entitled Bandersnatch on Dec, 28, 2018.

Black mirror

Credit: Netflix

5. Narcos

Eye-catching strong performances and non-sensationalized story line, Narcos can keep you hooked up over a long time. The Netflix original series is about pull and push fight between Pablo Escobar, a real-life character pinned as king in drugs industry, and U.S and Colombian authorities worked all hooks and crooks to bring him down. With lot of changes since its premiere, the series is currently streaming with three seasons over Netflix, with fourth season Narcos: Mexico premiered on Nov. 16. 2018


Credit: Netfli

6. Peep Show

Mature humor is at your door with this series of nine seasons streaming on Netflix. The series is filled with edginess over comedy spread and energy as the screen sets up two misfit men, Mark (Mitchell) and Jeremy (Webb), ending up as roommates. Both guys are of their late twenties and have met in college, at the fictional Dartmouth University, occasionally referring themselves as ‘The El Dude Brothers’.  The scenes may seem simpler to watch though the immediate thoughts, reactions and opinion to surrounding, from first point of view of course.  Only if you are not offended by the specific sense of humor on sex and drugs, this great modern British comedy is a must watch.

Peep Show

Credit: Netflix

7. House of Cards

Combination of excellent story, good script, exceptional acting and good cinematography and Frank Underwood’s (played by Kevin Spacey) growing lesser subtle corruptness to gain political power, as an amoral American congressman. The show, a remake of popular UK series of same name, is all about viral dirty and deceitful political intentions spread over inner workings of federal politics. The 6th and final season is currently being streamed on Netflix, however without Kevin Spacey.  

House of Carts

Credit: Netflix

8. Sherlock

A classic detective mystery series is here for you. Staring Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson who become a roommate to the brilliant cum antisocial Sherlock after returning from a tour duty in Afghanistan. If you have a tilt towards solving mysteries over murders, state secrets and excavate over criminal empire, well this what Sherlock and Dr. Watson is doing in the story plot. Four seasons for this show are currently being streamed over Netflix.



9. Dare Devil

Marvel-Netflix Partnership has proven a lot reap melons from. The series, based on adventures of Matt Murdock living life two-folded, a blind lawyer by day and masked vigilante by night. Involving fights in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City, to dramatizing over organized crime topping supernatural threats, Murdock have quite a bucket to entertain. Impressive martial arts, visual style to spare and strong performances has benched marked Daredevil for Marvel’s Netflix offerings.


Credit: Netflix

10. Breaking Bad-Drama/ Suspense

You can’t better invest your time than with Breaking bad a bundle of breathtaking performance cooked with extraordinary writing, direction, camera and music. The series stars Bryan Cranston as a high school chemistry teacher who discovers that he is suffering from lung cancer and later becomes a drug dealer. Complete series could be caught up on Netflix

Credit Netflix

11. Supernatural

Stars of the show Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Jim Beaver, have clearly done justice with great acting on the spooky plots over the American urban legends set by the creator of the show Eric Kripke. The series is all about action packed by two badass brothers fighting ghosts, holding on the bond in between them to faces the challenges and recover over their pasts and arguments with “Dad”.  The plots and episodes have all turn and twists visualizing all the local supernatural myths we have heard growing up. Also, for action lovers, the series is bouquet to action, gun totig, hot road driving, and not to forget hotter is the music choice from Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t fear the reaper” to Iron Butterfly’s “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vidda”.

The Cw

Credit: The CW

12. You

Credit: Netfilx

Starring Penn Badgley (Gossip Girl) as a book store manager who is financially instable, meets Beck (Elizabeth Lail) developing stages from crush to love to obsession. The story moves ahead with cyber-stalks done by Joe, using every tool at disposal, to know her at ever closer. Originally the series was belonging to Lifetime, though gained the popularity once picked up by Netflix.

13. Chilling adventures of Sabrina

Love Riverdale? And a fan of horror as well?  Well then, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina a new Netflix original, is perfect choice for you. With adding pinch of horror to every uniqueness of Riverdale with a dark story line, the series can make your time worth. Led by Melissa Joan Hart, the show revolves to every bit to satanic lifestyle and horror, weirdness, and drama. The story revolves around Millennial teenage witch, Sabrina Spellman, finding herself questioning all the Dark Lord ways filled with supernaturally-flavored comedy.

14. Glow

Breaking all stereo-typical thinking over women wrestling as a side-show, Netflix original Glow an acronym for Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, a female driven ensemble, will change your whole view point to the subject with all upbeat, enthusiasm and empowering feel. Flavored with cuteness and cruelty, the story line follows the misfit actors and wanna-be celebrities’ women, staring, Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin, Britney Young and others, coming together for all fun and love and end up as stars of the hit program: GLOW. With super light hearted edgy comedy, involving fluffy fun as well as overall message, Glow is streaming with two seasons on Netflix.

15. The Crown-Drama

With mind-blowing results in production value and performances coupled with unblemished cinematography, the series is a love for history depiction topped up with drama and intensity. The Crown recounts the early life of Queen Elizabeth II, starting with her marriage with Prince Philip in 1947, continuing to cover all of Queen’s life till date. The roles have been justified by Claire Foy (Rosewater)and Matt Smith (Doctor Who) as Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, respectively with majestic reflection in humanity and sobriety, along side John Lithgow as Winston Churchill. Currently, with two seasons already streaming on Netflix, the third season is set to premiere sometime in 2019.


16. Salt Fat Acid Heat

Well I would definitely strongly recommend you to grab your munchies while starting with this great cookery series adapted from chef Samin Norsat best-selling book. Be it chefs or non-chefs, by the end, this show adventures your vibe into great-tasting of food to making you believe in your abilities to cook. This next best cooking show on Netflix has some influence from Anthony Bourdain’s work educating audiences on the cultures implanted.

Credit: Netflix

17. Sex Education

A Uk based series, though inspired by American teen comedies, jingles the story around hormone induced teenage horniness and all the confusing and mortifying things that come with it. Staring Gillian Anderson as Dr Jean F. Milburn, a sex therapist and single mother of Otis, played by (Asa Butterflied), the series have taken puberty topic on new outlook. The series can be more perceived as comedy drama with story proceeding on Otis’s troubles to grip with his own sexuality dramatizing with his best friend Eric (Ncuti Gatwa) and bully Adam (Connor Swindells). 

Credit: Netflix

18. Mind Hunter

A series which compels you to have one-sitting watch exceptions to fulfillment of your basic needs. The show follows FBI agents Holden Ford, played by Jonathan Groff, and Bill Tench, played by Holt McCallany , travelling all around the world interviewing serial killers and recording  their response, later joined by Wendy Carr, played by Anna Torv), to help with categorize the killers and prognosticate their future beahviour. Produced and Partially directed by David Fincher,the story is based on nonfiction book Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit by former agent John Douglas. 

Credit: Netflix

19. Making a Murderer

Incredible documentary based on powerful versus powerless in context of American Criminal justice system shedding light over the truth of this nightmare of a case. The series is based on true story of Steven Avery sent to prison under questionable circumstances, vindicated on DNA evidence 18 years later, and accused of murder shortly thereafter under equally questionable circumstances. Well not to take sides, though this show certainly frames one sided perspective over the case.

Credit: Netflix

20. Riverdale

Well you can go quite nostalgic with this one over your childhood hot selling comic book: Archie. Bringing out live the titular character and his friends Betty, Veronica and Jughead shopping, Studying, dating and playing their band. The story plot begins when one of Archie’s classmate is murdered during a summer break, twisting the secrets of adults in town breathing in air and town of Riverdale changes the way you had never read in the comics. First three episodes is taking a bit longer that expected over explaining the line, which may disengage you, though fourth one the story jumps on track hooking you up till end. Currently With season three currently airing on the CW, you can catch up on first two seasons on Netflix.

Credit: Netflix

21.Crazy ex-girlfriend

Staring the YouTube star Rachel Bloom as Rebecca Bunch and the original series written by screen writer Aline Brosh McKenna (the Devil Wears Prada), Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has garnered millions of fans online. The series tell a story of Rebecca Bunch who was living in New York prospering with her dream career, though somehow bumps into her ex-boyfriend, Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez II), from summer camp which she attended at her 16. Josh Chan, Vincent Rodriguez II. And then she realizes how Chan is her true love of life, leaving a promotion behind in New York, she listens to her heart following Chan to his home town in West Covina, California.

This Musical-dramedy is currently streaming with three seasons on Netflix, with fourth and final season of eight episodes with be soon board on Netflix.   

Credit: Netflix

22. The Office

As the title goes the series offers package of office sarcasm and edgy humor with most relevancy effect. Michael Scott (Steve Carell) have justified his boss role with cringy humor and Jim Halpert’s (John Krasinski) and Pam Beesly’s (Jenna Fischer) love story has later taken over the show. The show was though originally a UK based show, the US version of the show, adapted by Greg Daniels has given lasting impact in United States.

23. Marco Polo

Martial art and historical drama fans can form a club over this TV show. All the components of a great show a grinded finely staring Lorenzo Richelmy, Benedict Wong, Joan Chen with a fascinating plot and cinematography. The story is based on an Italian explorer Marco (Lorenzo Richelmy) who is left by merchant father for Kublai Khan (dram is based in his  13th century court) as a gift or servant, or say hostage. The Khan soon realizes the abilities of Marco as useful scout and spy and soon sends him on missions with view to keep an eye over his enemies. The acting and costumes may seem  above average, the story is gaining cult of audience’s must watch list.    

Credit: Netflix

24. Sense 8

Wachowskis (The Matrix trilogy, Cloud Atlas) and J. Michael Straczynski (Changeling, World War Z) has given sci-fi tracking story of eight strangers from different parts of world finding themselves somehow linked to each other’s minds, experiencing whatever the other seven feels. The series can be a snail walk in early episodes to grasp on the line, though what holds you on, is the diverse plot ad cast shuffled in creative ways and moving on to unexpected developments. Though the fanbase religiously growing over the first two season, the show wrapped up the complete plotline with two-hour Netflix original movie premiered on June 8t, 2018, and currently streaming now.

Credit: Netflix

25. American Vandal

Gaining a lot of Critical praise, American Vandal is a story crime craze story involving a high school prank going wrong over wrongly paint done and vandalizing several faculty cars. The story is quite straight lined over the plot on investigation over the accused senior. This true crime genre is perfect show with collecting lot of critical praise over social media, though Netflix cancelled it after second season. Two seasons are currently streaming on Netflix.  

26. The haunting of Hill House

“horror blended in right proportion with suspense”

With no mix up of any other genre, purely concentrating on horror, finally Netflix have given “The Haunting of Hill House”, since Hemlock which was not so appreciated.  Directed by Mike Flanagan, known for creating some of the best horror films, will give you goose bumps. The series is based on novel of the same name, have blended horror thriller and suspense with right proportion, along with vibe of grief and loss. The second season, Turn of the Screw, will premiere in 2020.

27. Marvel’s Jessica Jones

Netflix’s second comic-based series, Jessica Jones, is driving attention from super-hero lovers with lead role (Jessica) played by (Krysten Ritter) who works as a private eye. Justice to Villain role has been given by David Tennant as Purple Man, a peculiar psychopath with power to control minds, with whom Jones suffers in an abusive relationship. With two seasons currently streaming on Netflix, Marvel show fans cannot miss on this one. 

Credit: Netflix

28. Friends

A classic series which is true love to most viewers on repeat watch for most. The show has been on air for almost a decade since 1994-2004 have gained an obsessional fan following casting David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc and  Matthew Perry with their mind-blowing character performance with dialogue throws hooking you up like forever.

Credit: Netflix

29. Gilmore Girls

Quite of old school classic drama, of how lead Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory’s  life goes around roller coaster with Rory’s admission in an urban esteemed high school and how the their non affordability to fee payment leads Lorelai to return to her parents, from whom she’s been hostile since she became pregnant with Rory at the age of sixteen. The drama takes hype when her parents, Emily and Richard offers conditional assistance for them getting back the entry in their lives. Though the show is more than a decade old, Gilmore Girl’s series a mixture of incredible drama on rated top viewed. Also, Gilmore Girls: A year in the Life has been brought up Netflix clubbing four episode.

Credit: Netflix

30. Walking dead 

This zombie series is a must be on the list topping for Netflix shows. Well unlike a predictable zombie show, The Walking Dead is quite filled with curiosity nerve boost with each episode ending on suspense. The lead role here is swinging back and forth from heroic view to an anti-hero, played by Andrew Lincoln as Deputy Rick Games, he has truly got your attention for his moves and decisions there. Make time while you sit for this one, as its going to make your eyes stuck on one go. Eight seasons are currently streaming on Netflix.

Credit: Netlix

31. The Good Place

Credit: Neflix

You – may not have though entering into heaven, but, afterlife, surprisingly you land up there. Definitely the “incongruous feeling” can be a bit awkward for you and then follows tasks to fit-in. Well, Kristen Bell playing Eleanor, finds her-self exactly in same situation and the story thus goes on. The series is seeded by creator Michael Schur, who has handsome fan following for his previous works, one of them “The Office” where he wrote as well acted, and appreciated for both.  Season one and two are currently streaming on Netflix, with third coming soon.  

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