8 Remote Working Best Practices When Working from Home!

-Remote working is a new trend in today’s pandemic situation. But most of organizations & employees are still struggling while working from home.

– Working from home seems to be very cozy phrase and treat to ears but when you actually doing it. You will really miss office environment to maintain productivity in your day to day work.

– As we all know that organizations have accepted the work from home here is the interesting statistics for Work From home:

 According to Riverbed

 80% of organizations have cheer and supported their employees for Work from home & 91% of remote teams of Asian Companies have established Remote work arrangements for their employees during this covid-19 Pandemic.   

-To make this work from home situation really productive and fun there should be few rules which need to be followed by remote workers.

1). Develop & Maintain Habits:

-Maintain you’re routine while working from home as you are working from the office! People are distracted from their routine as remote working gives them freedom but that’s not right.

– Always Make yourself ready, be well dressed, well shaved and then start your day.

– There are no rules of remote working but you will not get focused if you are working in your pajamas.

2). Plan Your DAY:

– Remote working is tough at the beginning as you don’t have a manager or supervisor who keeps eye on your work.

-Remote working seems like a heaven in the beginning but it will really suck your productivity if you don’t have every days work plan.

– I remember the old saying called “Well begin is half done “so always make plan at the beginning of your day.

– It will make you stick to the work as well as your productivity.

3). Professional Environment:

– We are aware of fact that everybody doesn’t have specific space for work at their homes but you have to make any of your space like your office.

– It’s not right to play with pets during your video calls or sitting in in-appropriate postures during meetings.

– Creating professional working environment will keep your motivational level up also it will help you to create identity as a professional.

4). Setup Boundaries:

–  As work from home is a new thing for lots of employees as well as organizations but employees have to setup boundaries for themselves.

– You can’t get disturb any 2-3 hours from your family or especially young kids at home. You have to be focused on your work and maintain the productivity level to keep financial growth up for the business.

– Always set up boundaries like “I will get up for break after 3 hours once finish this task before that I won’t. “  This kind of self-awareness or self-affirmations will make you a better professional remote employee.

5). Work from Home Checklist:

-There should be one checklist prepared with all necessary requirements for efficient work from home.

1). Your Broadband connection:

– Does your broadband connection have enough bandwidth to carry out all your day to day tasks with video meetings?

2). Necessary Equipments:

-Do you have all necessary Equipments like headphones or webcams which will be useful during    work from home.

– Above 2 are small examples but that checklist should be many more points before you start working your work from home.

6).Communication Structure:

–  Communication is first & foremost  part of every business as well as organization, your communication should be clear and direct to your management, co-workers, and other your colleagues.

 – All meetings whether its video meetings or audio meetings should be recorded so we can track them and also it’s very much crucial to be secure as far as data security is concern.

 7). Mental Health:

–  Work from home is like working in isolation and if you are people person then it will definitely make you miss your team mates, and co-workers.

-As this is very uncertain that where we don’t know when all these going to end, you should be keeping yourself mentally healthy & strong so you don’t lose mental game because if you lose it, you will lose all

– Try to talk more to your team mates on calls which will make you feel better & more cheerful. If you are happy employee it will directly boost your morale and productivity.

8). Time Management:

–  Time management is a very crucial part of work from home as you don’t have any specific time structure.

– I have seen people loosing track of time while working from home, and it will affect your deadlines.

– Always stick to time management where you can finish your daily tasks within your deadline given.

Wrapping Up:

Working from home is going to stay for the long time, its new revolution, unfortunately, started due to pandemic but organizations as well as workers will eventually love working from home. So pull up your socks for this new revolution and achieve new milestones working from home