Big Data Analytics – Certifications and Your Career

The field of big data has been expanding at a faster pace and the emerging fields like data science and data analytics has taken the entire world by storm. While data science was being advertised as the most glamorous career, data analyst could not be behind.

But before we go further into Data analytics and data analyst jobs, career options and certifications let’s have a look at the definition of data analytics, what is stands for and then we will move to the skills required to become data analyst.

What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics as per the definition is nothing but a process of examining data sets in order to draw conclusions about the information they contain, progressively with the help of specialized systems and software. Quite interesting to note is the fact that data analytics technologies and techniques are used widely in commercial industries to enable companies make insightful business decisions.

Now that we know what data analytics is, let’s have a look at the skills that you need to acquire to become a successful data analyst.

Data Analyst Skills You Need to Acquire

While the basic skills remain for both Data Analyst and Data Scientist, there are certain skillsets that are unique to data analyst and if you wish to become a successful data analyst then you need to acquire these –

  1. Strong programming skills
  2. Statistical skills
  3. Strong foundation in mathematics
  4. Machine learning skills
  5. Data wrangling skills
  6. Communication and visualization skills
  7. Data intuition

Now that you know about the skills you need to acquire to become a successful data analyst, let’s understand why certifications are important for your career growth.

Data Analyst Certification Programs – What Do They Teach You

If you are planning for a career as data analyst, then you should go for certification programs as well. Remember that a certification program is way different from professional data analytics certification from reputed credentialing bodies. Here’s what a certification program will teach you –

  1. A certification program will teach all about Data analytics foundations
  2. It will equip you with the knowledge of basic and advanced methods for analysis
  3. It will introduce you to relevant data analytics tool sets and last but definitely not the least
  4. It will teach you how to provision data for analysis.

Once you have mastered a data analyst certification program you are ready for a professional certification program where you will learn all the real-time challenges and how to overcome them. This is where you will showcase all that you have learned in your course and at certificate program, while you will learn to deal with all the real-time problems faced by corporate world. Keep reading to know how certifications will help augment your career as data analyst.

Data Analytics Certifications – How they Benefit Your Career?

Certifications are third-party validation of your knowledge and skills acquired. Benefits of certifications –

  1. Certifications aspire confidence in recruiters about your knowledge
  2. Certifications ensure that you are updated and upgraded in your professional domain
  3. It helps you command significantly higher salaries.