You can Buy 500 Kva Generator Online easily

Generators have become a necessary commodity for a modern household with high-power demand. They are also used in industries, events, and agriculture etc. They basically operate on a supply of combustible fuels like propane, diesel, and gasoline and convert them into electrical output that we so desire and that powers our lives.

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What are the types of Generators?

In the market, three different kinds of Generators are generally put to use, they are portable, inverter and standby. To ensure a productive, efficient and long life for your generator, generator maintenance is crucial.

Portable Generator:

  • It generally works on gas or diesel fuel and is a source of temporary electrical energy.
  • Some characteristics of this generator you should be aware of:
  • Employs a combustion engine for power generation
  • Has provision of sockets for electrical appliances
  • Able to be used in a facility’s subpanels
  • Works well in remote areas
  • Can be used to run a television, freezer, and refrigerator.
  • Needs a flow of 3600 rpm to supply 60 Hz of electricity
  • Employs a governor to control engine’s speed
  • Used to run tools and lights.

Inverter Generator:

It has an engine that is joined to an alternator to give rise to Alternating Current (AC). To convert this AC into direct current (DC), it uses a rectifier. The rectifier is not present in most generators except this type.

Some characteristics you should be aware of:

  • Needs advanced magnet technology to work.
  • Has an advanced electronic circuitry.
  • Electricity production in a cycle of three phases.
  • Gives off AC current, convert it to DC and it is inverted back to AC.
  • Has the advantage of the continuous supply of electricity without break.
  • Classified as energy-efficient, due to the speed of the engine is changed according to the amount of power needed.
  • Can be adjusted to supply AC at any voltage and frequency when proper equipment is added to the circuitry.
  • Very lightweight and portable

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Standby Generator:

During a power outage, Standby Generator is fired up automatically by a transfer switch.

Some characteristics you should be aware of:

  • Fires up automatically.
  • Is a permanent power solution.
  • Consists of two parts: a transfer switch that is switched on when a power outage happens and a standby Generator that powers up in that scenario
  • Utilizes liquid propane or natural gas too as fuel
  • Uses an internal system of combustion.
  • Since it automatically fires up once a power loss is detected, power loss is not felt at all.
  • It also does tests on a weekly basis to ascertain that it is working as it was intended to and not malfunctioning.
  • Constantly keeping a check on power usage and utility.
  • Has been used in safety system of elevators, automatic lighting, medical equipment, and life supporting devices, fire protection systems and anywhere a power loss for even a short duration can be very costly.

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