You Won’t Find Charging Point in iphone in 2020 !

iPhone, this one name is enough to catch attention from all tech-geeks or mobile lovers.


As we all know iPhone development & releasing new iPhone with amazing features are the synonyms of their really well-skilled R & D (research & development team).


Let’s take a quick look at how iPhone technology was changed over time, the first ever iPhone was released by Steve jobs at 2007. Since then they are coming with new iPhone every few years & it has created the tremendous new crazy community who are following iPhone in spite of their expensive price.


-The first iPhone has an instant game changer, the technology was old, it was introduced with multi-touch technology, and thus it has changed the way we interact with technology for ever.


-iPhone 2 had come up with 3g back in 2008, it has introduced the first app store the digital platform to create Application easily with the computer, an idea & limited coding skills.


-iphone3 had launched supported for MMS, tethering, Spotlight search functionality, & in app purchase support. It has introduced two most amazing apps like ‘voice-memos’ & compass apps.


-iphone5 has launched in 2011 was with i-message, enabling iPhone users with text via. Another notable iphone 5 feature included twitter integration, wireless syncing capabilities. But the ultimate flagship feature of iphone5 was Siri, Apple’s intelligent virtual assistant.


-iPhone 6 has replaced the google maps with apple maps in a real way. It was little frustrating about bugs ios maps took fool advantage of turn by turn directions before google maps.


-As iPhone coming with new improvements in ios technology every few years. Day by day the iPhone has become the unavoidable product.


Have you noticed iPhone charging port at the bottom of iPhone 4s and lighting port on iPhone 5s,  but the only thing we can say about its features they are going to change.


The latest change has done by iPhone was killing its headphone jack with wireless-one.

-The recent thing heard from technological giant is they are in process of removing the charging port. Sounds weird.  that’s the latest talk among mobile lovers.


-But this news will not impress mobile lovers because the companies like Samsung & LG as already doing it in today, they are in process of replacing charging port with wireless technology.

The main reason why wireless charging is not in iPhone is its slower than the wired one, as apple lovers could not like to wait without a phone if we talk about Samsung Galaxy 8 wireless chargers it’s very much faster than the wired.


-Another main thing about wireless charging is compatibility, Most of the phones support Qi charger the rest of phones are supporting power mat.


-Cost is another big issue with wireless charging as main mobile companies are not providing wireless chargers components with their new models.


Conclusion: –The only resolution about these problems is to go for magnetic wireless charging technology. Apple is probably in the process of applying it, which will be compatible as well as fast for iPhones till 2020.


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