5 Crazy World Destinations You Should See Before Getting Old

‘Travel before you run out of time’ goes an old saying. Most of us associate travel with the book, and we rely highly on travel guides and google for our vacation.

In our defence, it helps us understand what we are getting into and aids our safety. However, Travelling is not just visiting a couple of must-see places and things.

It is about the experiencing the local culture and tradition of the area. Travelling inspires us and shows us the joy of getting lost in the path of finding yourself.

Every tradition and culture has something unique to offer. The real joy and happiness lie in the intricate crowded lanes and the aroma of freshly cooked local cuisine. Here is a list of 5 exotic destinations everyone should see before they die.

Sri Lanka

Situated in the Indian Ocean, this fascinating island has loads of exciting experiences to offer for your eyes and soul.

The country has an equal mixture of the Sinhalese and Tamil population. If you are looking for a relaxing vacation in amidst nature in an urban environment, then this is the ideal place.

Srilanka Green Country to Watch

The local cuisine is spicy and loaded with the goodness of coconut. The island beholds and satisfies the whims of every traveller through the calm monastery, the fascinating hills, the sizzling lakes, the busy shopping areas, the religious houses and the warm people.


If Fashion, Food and Fun is your mantra, then Italy is the right place to be. The location illustrates the trends in the fashion industry, and it just starts there.

The country takes you on a whirlwind of arts, monuments and churches.

The destination is a wholesome package for travellers as it extends the richness of art, architecture, technology, culture, trade in a platter.

The picturesque canals of Venice is a world in itself.  Exquisite cheeses and exotic herbs is a luscious part of the local cuisine.

The Maldives

This whimsical island is the utopian destination for sea lovers. The destination is the assortment of anything and everything related to the water world.

The island has an extensive collection of coral reefs, some of which is a part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Maaldives Heaven with blue water

Scuba diving, Snorkelling and Surfing are active sports available for tourists. The local cuisine highlights on an array of fish based dishes.


If glitz and glamour is your ideal style, Singapore is a must-see. The place is lit and drenched in skyscrapers and shopping areas.

The city is well maintained with its share of greenery and parks.

singapore the international city

The destination is also known for its casinos and electrifying nightlife. Singapore has a vibrant, diverse street food culture which is highly appreciated by the tourists.


This destination is known for its beautiful oceans and exotic hills. Hawaiians are pretty laidback and have high regard for their traditions and culture.

The island is a paradise of natural reserves and ecological wonders.

Hawaii is a state of grace

The place has a list of activities and entertainment to offer right from snorkelling, whale watching, Hula dance lessons, ATV, trekking and lots more.

The cuisine is pretty much prepared with the local produce which includes loads of fresh fish and exceptional nuts.

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