How Digital Marketing is the Most Provan Way of Marketing Today !

Typical Morning in the office- I was just trying to settle down in front of my PC-Just Heard A voice.

Ramesh: Hey What are you doing?

Hitesh: Hi…Just Downloading this new Mobile App referred from my friend.

Ramesh: Okay.Why Whats Benefit?

Hitesh: It will give you 50 rs once you download it.

Ramesh: What? I mean How? Is it Free to Download? Beware of Such Apps? May it be a New trick from any hacker?

Lots of questions & dilemmas from Ramesh but I got it as another tactic from any company for promoting their new Mobile App.

I remember once I used to get a bunch of flyers at home with news papers-someone has opened new bakery-while some nearby shop is giving huge discounts on shoes as per Diwali offer.

But nowadays These flyers are disappeared-Why what is the reason? behind that. and suddenly I got pop up on my smartphone- Get 30 % discounts on Gym Membership.

Ahhh Suddenly One term triggers me We are living in  NEW ERA OF DIGITAL MARKETING…:)

Yes..People are crazy about this new digital revolution. More companies are hiring new Digital Marketers- more students or marketing students going for this new digital marketing studies.


Let’s Dig Deeper.

1. Targeting is Cake Walk :

Promotion always starts with creating a campaign or advertisement-before creating campaign you have to target your audience for that campaign. (in marketing this term is called targeting).

As Digital Marketing comes up with lots of different options of Advertisements- from Google Ad-words to Facebook Ads.

If you are promoting any fashion brand or you are in the business of food products you can create attractive Pin-boards so more women will see your product.

So Depending on your target market or where your target audience is spending time online you can target them easily by creating campaigns.

2. Results are Immediate :

One thing about Digital Marketing that definitely got all marketers heart is results of efforts they are putting in particular marketing activities.

Traditional marketing always gives results after some time wherein digital marketing results are immediate.

1.Purchase of Product online.

2. Sign-ups on a particular form.

3. A number of clicks on the newly launched campaign.

4. Shares of a blog post on social media.

5. Surveys & Feedback of services.

Based on these analyses you can drive your marketing strategy for your brand or product. suppose if plan A does not work then quickly you can go for plan B.

So with Digital Marketing you always have flexible strategy in hand.

3. Return On Investment :

Its big headache for the organizations & marketers to get a really positive return on investments on very heavy marketing budget they are spending.

But When you are running on digital marketing it depends on which medium you are using for your campaign.

E.g. (1) If you are using Google Ad-words: then you have to keep in mind keyword costs.

(2) For YouTube Video Ads the cost differs as per the placement of ads.

(3) For Facebook Ads, its varies with Number of days & impressions you want to generate.

Above all give you quick calculation that your one lead can cost how much money. so by this logic calculating return on investment is easier.

4. Brand Awareness :

If  We compare earlier days introduction of new brand or company requires a lot of efforts, but with Digital way it’s possible with single click,

It’s very easy to increase Brand awareness by making your new logo viral or making your new up-coming product video viral in few seconds.

You can Make online contest by creating landing page with attractive up-coming product advertisement with free signup and win exciting prizes.

There are lots of Messaging Apps like whats app or Hike from which you can divert traffic to your new advertisement landing page or Send them new product ad but only if you have their permission.

It is also budget friendly suppose your company page has 1000 fans or followers e.g. you make a video viral. from that 1000 fans if 10 friends of friends see your video then also it will reach to huge amount of people with less budget & efforts.

5. Choose Right Communication Channel :

Remember your feeling when you receive unwanted sales call for a new offer from the organization?

Very irritating right?

This is the one more and very useful advantage of Digital Marketing that you need to keep in mind.

You can choose communication channel as per your customer’s wish or convenient also it depends on the age gender or demography.

Suppose if you are approaching customer between age group 20yrs-35yrs you can send them a text message or tweet them or send a message on facebook.

But if your customer is between 35yrs – 40yrs then you must call them on a cell phone the message would be not appropriate.

Many more companies nowadays divert their communication to social media channels which their consumers are using so consumers felt delighted & happy to receive their offers information on the time through their favorite way.

Wrapping Up :

Digital Marketing is the way profitable way of marketing that today’s companies must choose to reduce cost, increase reach, choose the right strategy to build their brand, to determine the return on investment with budget they are spending on their efforts.