What Are Early Sign Of Daibetes AND How To Avoid Them

Do you have diabetes?

Above question should be considered rude and as an invasion of privacy. However, it has become a typical query and even serves as a conversation starter.

This is also a wake-up call as it means the take-over was a success. A minimum of one person is a victim of the disease in any household or family.

Despite the increase in the cases, the condition has no cure. There is no going back once you get it.  The good news is that the syndrome can be efficiently and effectively managed with the right care and diet.

The challenge would be to catch the disease early so you can start treating it. Diabetes Mellitus or type 2 diabetes is a gift from the family.

It is a genetic condition, and you are naturally predisposed if you have a history of diabetes in your family. It is essential to be on alert and do regular check-ups.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle and do your best to keep the gene dormant. Having said that, it is also imperative to watch out for the symptoms and alerts. This can play a vital role in the management of the condition.

Frequent Urination

When the insulin fails to do the job, the kidney takes up the responsibility. As it is not equipped enough to do the work, it will attempt to do what it does best.

It will dilute the glucose in the blood by using the available water in the body. This overwork inside will be reflected as frequent urination on the outside.

If you are visiting the restroom more than usual, then it is one of the most common symptoms of diabetes. The number of times can vary for each person based on their general output.

Anything above your average level is a sign to watch out. This can also lead to Urinary Tract Infections and other complications.

Excessive Thirst and Hunger

As the body is losing more water than the intended level, it is trying to replenish it by triggering the thirst signal. This means you would feel an insatiable longing for water. The condition is known as polydipsia.

Glucose is the source of energy for the body. Since they are not processed correctly, the body will perceive it as a hunger signal. This leads to excessive hunger and a sense of unfulfillment.

Unexplained weight changes

Due to all the mixed signals from the body, the body will more consume more food than the required level. This will lead to increase in the weight over a short period.

The changes will be more evident and visible than the usual weight gain. If your body gains unexplainable mass over a short duration.

In some cases, patients might also lose weight tremendously. Though it is more common in Type 1 Diabetes

Lesser Healing Capacity

The human body has the capacity to heal itself from injuries. The antibodies are designed to boost our immune system to perform their job better.

You might have also experienced your cuts and wounds healing themselves. If the injury takes longer to recover, then there is an increased chance that you might have diabetes. Some sores never heal without medical intervention.


Fatigue is a standard symptom associated with most illness. Fatigue or Tiredness is the first way of communication that the body undergoes when it is in stress or sick.

This is also a type of symptom associated with diabetes. The patients tend to tire quickly and can also experience dizziness. This is mainly due to the improper conversion of the glucose molecules into energy.

Eye disorders

People suffering from this syndrome are susceptible to eye problems. This is due to the pulling of the lens of the eye. It is essential to seek immediate attention once you start experiencing blurred visions.

The doctors, however, advise the public to do regular check-ups even when they do not experience any symptom. This will help them avoid lifelong problems.

Reproductive disorders

This symptom is better common among men. Men are most likely to suffering reproductive issues like Erectile dysfunction, impotence, Low hormonal secretion, Reduced sex drive, etc.

Though, there are various other diseases which have the similar symptoms. Diabetes is one of them, and it can be treated if caught early.

These issues can have a psychological impact on the person, and it could affect the personal and family life.

Wrapping Up

The key to handling diabetes is analysing and start treating it at the earliest possible. Proper diet, physical exercise, self-control and medical care are the four primary factors which help us to keep diabetes at bay.

It is essential to control and manage the disease as it can be the cause of other ailments. It is like the first coin of dominoes, and it is vital to keep it from falling. Some people acquire diabetes even with the right lifestyle as it is a genetic disorder. However, it can be managed with ease, and all it takes is vigilance and self-awareness.

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