Most Common Symptoms For Esophageal Cancer You Should Know Today!

Esophageal cancer occurs when a malignant tumor is formed in the Wall of oesophagus causing immense problem in swallowing food along with chest pain.

Oesophagus is a muscular tube that adjoins the mouth with our stomach providing the food passage from mouth to the stomach. The food is carried to the stomach with the muscular movement of the oesophagus.

When a tumor grows in the wall of the oesophagus, it impacts the deep tissues and muscles of the tube and results in the movement of the food making it difficult to reach the stomach

Therefore trouble in swallowing food is considered to be a distinct symptom of the possibility of the development of the disease.

What are the Common Signs and Symptoms of Esophagus Cancer

It is quite difficult to detect esophageal cancer in its early stage. It reveals any signs and symptoms of the disease in quiet later stage of the development of the disease. In most of the cases the disease is diagnosed almost accidently and by chance.


Usually it is found that the problem was detected what it was being tested for other physiological problems. That is why it is quite unfortunate that in most of the cases of oesophagus cancer, the problem is detected in quite later stage of the disease and is very difficult to treat and cure. Even then there are certain symptoms that should not be overlooked and to be addressed immediately when it is found that these are occurring in regular interval.

Trouble swallowing

It is considered to be one of the most common symptoms of esophageal cancer. One can easily be aware of eat when it is found that swallowing any food is becoming more and more difficult and is getting stuck in the throat or chest area and even the food is being choked inside the food pipe. Medically this symptom is termed as dysphagia. In the initial stage it appears as a mild issue but with the progress of time it gets more and more difficult and taking food becomes a nightmare for the patient as the inner space of the oesophagus tube gets more and more reduced due to the enlargement of the tumor.

The people often cannot realize the problem and consider it as an ordinary problem of swallowing. As the solution of the problem they start taking food in smaller amount and bite it as much as possible before swallowing. With the worsening of the situation they even induct software food that can easily pass through the food pipe and eventually the completely have to shift to the induction of liquid diet. But gradually and ultimately people realize that whatever the measure they adopt are eventually prove to be in vain.

Chest pain

With more and more advancement of the disease people start having discomfort and sometimes some sensation of pain in the middle of the chest area. People often have burping and regurgitation which are also the symptoms of Acid Reflux and heartburn. It is quite confusing for the people and that is why they often neglect the symptoms to be considered as a throat for inducting a disease like cancer.