5 Proven Exercises For Insomnia That You Can’t Miss This Year

Do you find yourself counting sheep in the middle of the night? Welcome to the world of insomnia. Even when our body has reached the utmost threshold limit, and it is entirely drained of energy, sleep seems to elude us.


It is a tricky proposition where no amount of cajoling and threatening appears to do the job. Have you tried every trick in the book without success?


Then we have some simple yet effective exercises which can help you capture your beauty sleep. The good news is you are not alone in this war. There are over 10 million cases recorded in India alone.

Most people suffer from insomnia due to stress, lifestyle modifications, medical issues, etc.

Breathe In and Out

The best way to beat insomnia is to understand the nuances of your body. It is also the most straightforward exercise available. Tuck yourself into bed, relax and adjust the light to the minimum.  Stretch your muscles to relieve any tensions.

Breath In Breath Out

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Close your eyes and start listening to your breath. Feel the air as they travel to your stomach and back. It could be difficult at first, but with practice, it works wonders.

Let the thoughts flow through the mind and stop trying to control them. Focus your concentrating on your breathing activity.

Try the nature walk

One of the known reasons for Insomnia is Stress. Nothing beats stress like a long stroll amidst nature. It might be difficult to find a peaceful environment abiding place in the busy happening metro cities.

Walking in Beach or Park

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However, parks and beaches are the closest replicas we have. Switch off your electronics and talk a refreshing walk to beat insomnia. You can also listen to soft music to calm your mind

Explore your city in a bicycle

Cycling has dual benefits both on a physical and emotional level. Cycling helps us lose the excess fat, lower the body temperature as well as provide a great adventure.

Explore City with Bicycle

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There are various cycling groups available in all the cities. You can explore new places in your town. This exercise helps you break the monotony of life.

It is advisable for people with arthritis to consult your physician before taking up cycling

Yogasan and more

Yoga is said to have many known and unknown benefits. All of us have wanted to practice yoga religiously at least once in our lifetime. But we drop it for all the wrong reasons.

Yogasan and More to avoide Insomnia

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The best way to practice yoga is to start small and be consistent. The longer we hold on it, the sooner it becomes a habit. And meditation does not qualify as yoga.

It is better to consult a yoga guru to understand the ideal type of yoga for you. However, the internet could also help.

Row, Row, Row a boat

If you have a water body near you, be it natural or human-made, try rowing for a change. Rowing takes excellent physical power and concentration.

Row Boat to avoid Insomnia

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The serenity of the water body would calm your mind and help you break free from stress. Nevertheless, always take necessary safety precautions while you choose this activity. And it is a team sport, so more the merrier.