Top 10 Expensive DIY Home Décor Ideas For 2019

Having a beautifully decorated home is a dream that every homeowner would love to materialize. When it comes to home designing and decoration, most people think that it is the department for women but the fact is anyone irrespective of the gender can fall in love with the idea of home decoration. Just think of having an exquisitely decorated bedroom where you have added an additional touch of your personality while decorating it. We assure you that this decor will make you feel like, to be at home as soon as you are free from work. Moreover, when you are done with the decoration work, the appreciation you get from your friends and other family members is priceless.

If you are thinking of remodeling your house, there are a number of professional remodeling companies in Norman OK. It would be beneficial to call anyone and let them do the job for you but this way it would be highly difficult for you to incorporate your own personality in those tasks. For those who are more artistic in nature, here we are going to discuss 10 DIY home décor ideas for 2019. Have a look:

1. Add More Storage Without Shelves

Even if your room is already fully furnished and there is no more space left to add new shelves, you can always gain some storage without adding more shelves. Time for installing some DIY pegboards and warm it with a wooden wall covering. This way you are going to get some more space for indoor plants, mirrors, and vases.

2. Buy Some Curved Furniture

2019 has already been taken over with a storm of curved furniture. You see it everywhere. It is in fact, the trendiest home décor idea to implement this year especially if you have the budget. Just take note of all the architectural details of your house and try to match your furniture with it. Maybe you would have to change your sofas, mirrors and even their frames. But then again, who said that home remodeling is an easy task? It, of course, needs money and time. Get ready to pay for it.

3. Design Appealing Ceilings

Even if it is kitchen remodeling, you can play with the ceilings. When you create a statement ceiling, this alone is enough to change a drab looking room into an appealing place. There are countless designs and an architectural option for designing a ceiling. All you have to choose carefully because if the appeal of the ceiling is working, you don’t pay much attention to the walls.

4. Add Some Sustainable Fabrics

Sofas are must for a living room and for the last many years, sustainable living is the hot topic under discussion. Being a responsible homeowner, why not instill the idea of sustainable living in our own home. Yes, we can make our homes sustainable by installing hardwood flooring. Even you can confidently use it bathroom remodeling. Another sustainable option is to buy animal-free leather and worm free silk when picking new fabrics for the home.

5. Add A Terrazzo Wall In Your Room

Terrazzo designs are gracing our floors since the 1980s. But it is the year 2019 when they have moved up from floors to walls. You can have some soft hued spots in your room with a Terrazzo design. Choose a design and feel like in a new artistic world.

6. Add Some Wall Suspensions

When it comes to wall hangings, it is the most appealing room decor and there is no comparison of it. Even the framed pictures and gallery walls also come second to it. If you are planning to install wall suspensions, it would be a good idea to go for geometrically shaped wall hanging.

7. Mushroom Lamps

Lighting is an essential element of décor. You simply can’t ignore it. And when it comes to modern lighting, it is all about bright materials and colors. In 2019, we have again witnessed Mushroom lamps resurfacing. When you choose to use a mushroom lamp in your room, you mix modern with vintage which gives your room a totally unique look.

8. Create An Ethnic Or Tribal Look

You can always get attention from guests when you give your room an ethnic or tribal look. And to create that look, you have to create some toned-down space on the floor with the help of wood surfaces and earthy colors. After carefully picking the material, supplement it with black, white and caramel colors. These colors alone give a vibrant look to space wherever used.

9. Nordic Look

In 2019, this trend is in the play. If you expect your room to give a gentle, soft look, try new Nordic designs from furniture to all the other accessories of the room.

10. Update Old Fixtures

Last but not least is updating the old fixtures of the house. This is the last thing to think about when we are planning for remodeling our home. But if you ignore replacing your old knobs, handles and light switch plates, these details are going to leave a bad impression for the onlookers. Updating old fixtures is inexpensive but we often forget to update them. So, this time write it down in your home redecoration plan about these old fixtures being updated and make sure these are checked when all the remodeling tasks are complete.


We wish everyone to have a beautiful home but for that, you have to give some effort. Even if you have the money and you are ready for the home remodeling process, you still need to put your heart and soul in it. There are people who just spend a few thousand dollars to get a perfect décor because they are all into it. You can spend your money as much as you want to but we would suggest you to also add your personal touch while decorating your home. 

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