5 Fascinating Colour Schemes Will Make Your Mind Peaceful Today

Every colour communicates a specific message and plays a vital role in our lives. Most of us have a lucky colour dress or pen which we preserve for a special occasion. It is a proven fact that colour has a positive as well as negative effect in our life.


The shades also determine the characteristics of a person. For instance, a cheerful person is attracted to bright colour and vice versa. Our homes are our haven and we rely on it for the much-needed stability in our lives.


In the super-fast world, homes provide more than just shelter. They offer security, a sense of belonging and add harmony to our lives and relationship. The colour schemes of the house create the much-needed serendipity in our homes.

The Silver Queen

White has always been the synonym for peace. Imagine the soft glowing warmth of the snow laced with the raw crispy White Lilac and a hue of Mischka.


The silver queen colour wall.


The colour theme is soft and warm for a calm family atmosphere. The ideal method to create this colour scheme is to find the perfect balance of the hue and shades.

The silvery gainsboro could be overbearing if it not combined with the complementary colours.

The Celestial Cyan

Blue is associated with trust, friendship and loyalty. They are various shades of blue which depict several emotions. Nevertheless, the combination of cyan, midnight blue with a hue of grey can work wonders in the balance of the family.

The Celestial Cyan Wall

It has a soothing effect and is knows to cure insomnia with significant benefits. This would be an ideal colour for bedroom décor.

The Perfect Peach

Imagine a house of peach with a dose of coral and a tinge of beige and dusty purple. Purple is a colour associated with creativity, and the colour scheme would be ideal for kids room as well as the study room.

Purple as an individuality entity could be too bold and might not serve the purpose. However, the combination in this colour scheme would be haven of creativity and innovation

The Romantic Rose

Pink or Rose is the colour of happiness and joy. The tone tends to fall flat while we attempt to make it fly solo.

However, the right mixture of perfect colours would entice the colours and make it attractive. The ideal colours which would pair beautifully with a pink pastel are olive green, purple with a grey hue and mild blue.

The tone is an obvious choice for bedrooms, girl’s room as well as dining rooms.

The Beautiful Burgundy

This would be an ideal choice for the loving adventure family. The colours scheme has a sharp contrast along with warm finish.

The colour scheme allows designers and homeowners to experiment with different base colours like lavender, light pink, pink and alice blue.

The shade is feasible for the entire house, and the walls could decorate with burgundy tones.


Experiment with different colours in the colour scheme to identify your ideal match. Have a colourful and peaceful life.

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