7 Habits Everyone Should Develop To Be Successful in 2018 !

New Year is a time of family reunions and new beginnings. It is also a time where we attempt to start afresh sans the pressure of the previous year. This rebirth is never indulgent as it sounds and we haul our baggage with us all through our lives. How do we break the cycle and start caring for ourselves in this New Year

Declutter your thoughts and space

Look around you and in yourself. Our lives are filled with experiences and memories. Even our houses and workspace is furnished with things which have little use to us. Start your New Year by organising your space and thoughts. We need not always hold on to all the things we love or think we admire. Give way for more space and energy this New Year

Forgive your foes

To err is human. It is impossible for people to live up to expectations. They falter, break their promises and sometimes even betray us in spite. The anger and pain associated with it seems unbearable at the time. However, forgiveness can ease the pain and help us heal better. Forgive people even when they don’t want it or deserve it. It makes you a better person

Prioritise your needs

We wish there were more hours in a day or even more hands so we can accomplish everything. It is improbable for even the best multi-tasker in the world to complete all goals with perfection. It does not mean it is not possible. It takes a great deal of planning. Jolt down the things you wish to do on paper or your favourite app. Prioritizing them increases productivity and helps you achieve more in the long run

Pamper yourself

Even a well-oiled machinery is bound to falter is not given the right care and maintenance. We ignore the most important person in our lives in an attempt to make others happy. Having a specific time dedicated to ourselves is mandatory. Time away from the real world where we should pamper ourselves with a long bath, good book, a peaceful sleep or anything which makes us happy. It plays a vital role in rejuvenating and restoring our energy

Set your Goals

Our Goals define us. It pushes us in the right directions. Without a properly defined goal, we tend to be lost and clueless. Set both long-term and short-term targets for yourself. The goals can be both personal care and professional achievement. It adds spice to the race

Counterpoise Stress

Let’s face it, we all are stressed. Stress is known to be the proven cause of many known and unknown ailments. It is like the silent lion waiting to pounce at the smallest trigger. Meditate and let it out to maintain the balance. Sometimes, we might even have to accept the things we cannot change to counterpoise stress.

Frame your Resolutions

I will do my homework on time was my resolutions as a kid. And it did last for three weeks. Resolutions are good when if they have a short span. Write down your resolutions where you can see them so you can keep trying. Be reasonable and practical.


Be yourself and be happy. Happy New Year.