How To Celebrate Halloween This Year You Need To Know Today !

1. Create Halloween at Home

Black, orange and white card
 Roll of double-sided tape
 Black and orange hanging tissue paper daisies.

For the cat, cut the eyes, inner ears and nose from orange card, the outer ear from black card and the teeth from white card.

-Stick the shapes to the tissue paper daisies using double-sided tape. Cut out each letter using a craft knife and steel ruler.

-Use the punch to make holes at the top of each letter. You can make two strings and hang them underneath each other or make one long string if you prefer.

-0.5m white fabric
 Cotton wool
 4 black 10 mm round stickers per ghost.

-Cut a square about 30 x 30 cm from the white fabric for each ghost.

-Fold the fabric over the cotton wool and tie a 20 cm length of string around it to form the head.

-Put two stickers on the head for the eyes. Use two overlapping stickers to form an oval for the mouth.

-For the pumpkin, cut out 20 orange strips, each 12 x 1 cm.

For the cat, cut out 10 black strips, each 12 x 2 cm.

-For the pumpkin, cut out the eyes, nose and mouth from black card and stick on with double-sided tape.

-For the cat, cut out ears from black card, and a nose and eyes from orange card.

-Spray the candlesticks, vase and branch with black paint.

2. Halloween Food for Halloween Party

Halloween food is a great way to show your creativity. These foods are perfect for your Halloween party or simply to entertain your own family. Halloween is the perfect time to go outside your comfort zone and make some new foods for your party or at home.


Thank you to all the bloggers who allowed me to feature their amazing creations in this Halloween roundup post. This is a perfect Halloween lunchbox surprise for your little goblin.

You really can scare someone if you serve these at your Halloween party. Your Halloween party needs some protein, right? These adorable jack o lantern pot pies are the perfect main course.

This is a creepy deviled eggs recipe that would look so good at your Halloween party. Kelly from A Side of Sweet created these spooky spider eggs that will look super scary on your party table. Kylie from Kidgredients really nailed an easy Halloween recipe with this treat! Just the name Chocolate Swamp Monsters made my daughter’s eyes grow wide.


Hannah from Domestic Gothess created this gorgeous Halloween cake which would make a lovely centerpiece. This cake has a fabulous bloody glaze that really will make your Halloween table look amazing and slightly scary. Such a creative idea!

These easy to make peppers could be a cute Halloween morning breakfast to scare your kids right from the start. Shelley from Two Healthy Kitchens created this adorable healthy snack for Halloween.

3. Easy Halloween Decorations

Are you as excited about Halloween as we are? Today I’ve started collecting some of the BEST easy DIY Halloween Decorations! So may of the supplies for all of these crafts can be found at the dollar store, the hardware store, or Walmart.

Make a glowing pumpkin sconce by putting $1.00 plastic pumpkin over outdoor lights. Don’t place the plastic pumpkin directly over a lightbulb. Be sure to place it over the existing wall light cover.Halloween Decoration



Take old doll parts, add some skeleton parts, fill jar with water, and add green food coloring. Place pillows on the backside of the witches to give them a hump back look. A little black and white paint is all you need for this DIY Halloween decorating idea.

“Supplies: a empty gallon jug, green craft paint, a witch hat, a flexible but strong wire, a washer the size of the opening of the milk jug, a black trash bag, scissors, wire pliers, a black sharpie, hot glue or a quick dry glue suitable for outside.” Make bloody handprints for Halloween using glue and red food coloring.

Put a rubber mask in a glass jar, add water, and place in a glow stick inside at night. Okay, this is totally gross, which is what makes it perfect for your ‘tween’s Halloween party. You might want to start saving those toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls for this glowing Halloween craft! Head to the Dollar Store for some glow sticks and check out what you can make! Which one is your favorite? Directions here.

Place a pumpkin pail over the top pointed area of the tomato cage. Wrap lights around the cage and secure them in place with zip ties. Cut face shapes out of black felt or draw on face shapes with a black sharpie.

4. Best Indoor Outdoor Halloween Decoration

35 Hauntingly Creative DIY Halloween Wreaths Delight trick-or-treaters by decorating your front door with these easy-to-make wreaths. 30+ Spooktacular Outdoor Halloween Decorations These are the wickedest ways to transform the outside of your home for Halloween.

Light Decoration

60 Creative Ideas for No-Carve Pumpkins Take pumpkin decorating to a whole new level with these fun ideas for painted pumpkins. 50 Seriously Spooky Pumpkin-Carving Ideas Give your jack-o’-lantern a new groove with playful patterns and designs. 30 Mason Jar Crafts That Will Get You So Excited for Fall If these ideas don’t get you ready for the cooler weather, we don’t know what will.

45 Fun Fall Crafts To Make With Your Kids Get them hooked on crafting with these fun seasonal projects. 16 Beautiful Ways Bloggers Are Decorating With Pumpkins This October We teamed up with 15 talented bloggers to bring you some of the most beautiful pumpkin decorating ideas on the internet. 9 Scary-Impressive Houses Decked Out for Halloween These homeowners went all in with creepy yard decorations.

Halloween is just a few days away, but there’s still time to haunt your house. These ideas are so easy to do, it’ll scare you. From sophisticated string art to spooky reflective mirrors, get our favorite ideas. Transform your house into a scary setting with these spooky scores.

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