18 Horrific Holocaust Photos That Will Question Humanity !

This whole article is based upon the book The Man search for meaning by Dr Viktor Frankle.

Humans are considered to be superior species on earth. Historical events state that they have suffered the most amongst other species. However, most of these are self-inflicted and caused because of their greed. The World Wars is one such incident.

World War II caused terrible losses across the globe including the Hiroshima and Nagasaki tragedy. However, the most devastating diplomatic event took place in 1938-1945, and it was the massacre of the Jewish community by the Nazis in an attempt to eliminate them.

According to Adolf Hitler, Jews were considered to be a weak race in Germany. In an effort to build a stronger race, he ordered the massacre of the Jews across Europe. He believed that a stronger race would ensure his success in the future wars. He created the S.S Soldiers who were supervised by Heinrich Himmler.

The S.S.Soldiers were specially recruited to kill Jewish people at Gas Chambers and to maintain concentration camps. The Nazis systematically murdered six million European Jews from countries like Poland, Ghettos, Italy, Hungary, Denmark, Norway, Yugoslavia, Greece other European towns.

Here are few photos that will describe the glimpse of their cruelty and ruthlessness.


Though they are commissioned to clear the Jewish community, they recruited men who were young and healthy to work in the camps. The largest concentration camp was build at Auschwitz in May 1940. The words “ARBEIT MACHT FRE” meaning “The works that make you free” was written on the gates.

The works that makes you free..

The S S Soldiers were given orders to eliminate the community. They took smaller groups outside the town and made them to undress. If anyone questioned or denied their demand, they were beaten to death. The soldiers shot the others.

Women refused to get naked

The Germans built many concentration camps, and they contained a huge gas chamber along with a few barracks. These barracks provided food and shelter to the strong ones. These camps were strategically positioned near Railways Stations which helped them to transport goods and people. However, only a handful of people knew about the real situation. The others hoped and believed that the Nazis would transfer them to a better place. They considered them to be their last resort.

boy at train going to concentration camp

The leader of the Nazis and the left hand of Fuehrer Heinrich Himmler personally visited the Auschwitz camp and oversaw the elimination of the Jewish Race from Europe.

Heinrich Himmler Visited Concentration Camp

Once, a train arrived at a station near the camp. The S.S. Soldiers ordered the people to stand in a line where they were personally examined by the soldier. The physically fit ones were sent to the concentration camps while the others were sentenced to death in the gas chambers. Sometimes, people had to wait three days for their end because of the overcrowding in the chambers.

S.S.soldier examine the passanger before sending to camp

The selected ones were sent to the camps where their heads were clean shaved, made to shower and was given striped uniforms. They were given a number to wear on the arm. They were called by the numbers and not by their names. They had to work 12-14 hours in shifts, and the food was given in rations. Stealing of food was considered to be a crime and was punished by hanging till death.

Prisoners working at camp

prisoners working at camp 1

The S.S.Soldiers were very strict and ruthless murders. They punished people even for the smallest mistakes. The camp was surrounded by high voltage barb wires which made it impossible to escape. Many people who lost hope committed suicide by touching the fence to end their suffering.

Prisoner choose death by touching electric wire

The concentration camp was like a slow death and the gas chamber a quick one. The soldiers sent people into the big chamber, at least 2000 people at a time and sometimes even more children. The chamber was sealed shut and a pesticide called Zyklon B was unloaded in it. Once heated, it released hydrogen cyanide gas which was the main reason for the death of millions of Jewish people.

Scary gas chamber at camp

Gas chambers from outside

The Nazis followed the double strategy in places which were far from the concentration camps. They sent people to die in the gas chambers, and if it took long, then they shot them. If they receive any opposition, then they were punished for it and mass executed by the S S Soldiers.

mass execution near city of ghedo

Man displacing dead bodies

Nazis were so insensitive that they made their profits from the byproducts (i.e. hair, plastic, metal, and gold) left from poor jews people. They used metal in to making their weapons, other plastic as raw material to gain maximum advantage of luggage left by jews.

Bunch of hair which is to be reprocessed

Artifical legs collected from prisoners

Spactacles collected from prisoners

The concentration camp was the slow death to jews, with limited food and tiresome work many prisoners got dieses like typhus, cholera, & died without proper medication.

Prisoner survived from camp

In spite of these extreme circumstances people found hope for life during their unending suffering in concentration camps. They used to laugh, and sing songs at night. During the absence of S.S Soldiers prisoners talk about their favorite food and they used to make plans after getting free from this camp they will visit few exotic places with their friends, but irony of most of their lives was they didn’t knew if their family was alive or dead.

People watching outside the camp

Old age people waiting at camp

This madness continued until the Soviet troops closed the Auschwitz camp in 27th January 1945.


These photos serve as the reminder of what could happen if the power was in the wrong hands. It caused the near extinction of the Jewish community and mass destruction to the human race through the World Wars.

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