10 Home Decor Items Everyone Must Have

Interior design and decor is the art and science of accentuating the interior of any building by improving and enhancing its interiors with an aim to bring about its transformation into an aesthetically pleasing, functionally efficient and emotionally appealing visual delight. The essence of any Interior decor, be it bohemian, shabby chic, traditional, urban modern or eclectic; will always be about the people and the way they live it. You can shop for your favourite items and use best buy free shipping coupons. Interior design in its true sense is about the realities of what makes for a civilized, attractive and meaningful environment without bothering about the current trend. The only rule to be borne in mind while talking Interior decor is that there is none.

Mirror Sconces

Mirrors are much more than just for utility, they will glam up and give your room a well-deserved makeover. Lights placed smartly in front get reflected and essentially become a light source, and statement decoration all in one. You could choose modern, colonial or contemporary and elevate your space in style with the elegance of these vintage pieces to complete your rustic interior decor!

Cacti or Mini Succulents

Greenery has been a rising trend, with people filling their homes with foliage to counteract and cope with their demanding busy urban lives. They are tiny and adorable, with low upkeep, and you can arrange the most unique mini succulent collection just about anywhere, without wasting space. Such mini succulents are perfect for keeping indoors or at workstations. Once you choose the cactus you’d like to bring home, you could start choosing the right planter for it to look the best in. Which we are also listing as one of the must-haves for fancying up your personal quarters.

Chic Animal Planters

Houseplants, terrariums, faux hedges, artificial ponds/ water gardens and miniature lawns bring a certain freshness and tranquillity to living spaces helping one feel closer to nature. To curb the boring old vase and planters décor enthusiasts are recommending quirky planters as essentials. It could be a baby turtle, a cute elephant or a toothy mouse planter, animal planters are in.

Vintage Edison Lamps

Also called “Industrial Edison Lamps”, their antique retro design will add mystique and transform any living area. Excellent conversation starters and that also create a spectacular focal point for guests. These lamps are unique in design and usually consist of a rustic wooden base with metallic piping for the upper part. You can choose from three wood finishes to find the ideal match for your personal vibe and requirement of the room. A dimming socket option lets you set the mood accordingly and choose from a relaxing romantic glow for a quiet evening or some late night reading, it will keep you calm, refreshed and happy.

Designer Book Shelves

Make your book collection look attractive and spruce up your walls at the same time with designer bookshelves. They are easy on the pocket and low maintenance and instantly transform any plain dull walls into upmarket décor goals. You can colour coordinate according to the palette of your walls and general setting of the room or simply opt for traditional wood and ply work frames. Shelves help declutter and organize your reading essentials into neat corners and stashes.

Daybeds or Duvets

By smartly playing around with dramatic curtains, monochromatic looks, layered bedding, creative headboards and varied lighting options coupled with artwork and a comforting colour palette one can achieve awe-inspiring creative wonders in the bedroom. Daybeds and duvets have been in fashion for some time now. Which makes investing in a quality item with bright uplifting colours might be just the thing your abode needs.

Rugs and Runners

In most homes, the floor is usually plain tiled or marbled. Having a grey and laminated house floor makes the entire look of the house monotonous and unexciting even though everything else is top of the class. Throwing a decorative rug on your old floor will give it an entirely new look and feel. You can choose between woollen to acrylic if you are looking for something affordable yet available widely. These accessories are almost maintenance free and one vacuum clean up per week will do the job perfectly.

Room Dividers

Elaborate or minimalist dividers or pretty hanging screens in the middle of the room add a touch of drama. Regardless of whether you actually need to divide a room or not, they add interest to any space. Apart from the traditional wood panels, acrylic and durable eco-friendly materials have also caught buyers attention.

Wall Accents or Murals

Nothing says welcome home like complex murals and wall accents. Well-crafted and typically with intricate carvings, great attention to detail is evident in every aspect of these artistic masterpieces. With their old world charm, they take you on a trip back into time every time you stare at their exquisite facade. Almost like you’re living in different dimensions!

Personal Knickknacks

One can simply use their personal treasure trove of collections, family heirlooms or even smaller home accessories such as ceramics and tableware to add a touch of drama and nostalgic charm to the decor. Familiarity and knowledge of hues and palette combination rules in collaboration with a strong comprehension of architectural styles, item placements and the colour is an absolute must when dealing with vintage treasure or mementoes. Some opt for saturated looks, monochromatic hues, religious bits or simply quirky collectables to combat monotony and add a hint of character.

Let your abode reflect your personality and stay true to your individuality. With all your interests, quirks and eccentricities combined; preserved and showcased in the sanctuary of your house. Giving a timeless design scheme to your living space might not be a walk in the park, but with the above tips and list, you can surely achieve them in a short span of time and with minimum hassle. You could design your dream look for your home that you have been desiring for so long.