10 Home Decorating Trends That Will Never Go Out of Style

Your home decor says a lot about your personality. Would you want to welcome your family and friends in a dull, dark,and dirty house? Of course not. Also, having a well-decorated home uplifts our moods instantly after a long day at work. However, decorating is an art that cannot be mastered by everyone.

Most people assume that in order to have a well-decorated home, you would need to hire an interior decorator or custom home builder to get the job done. But if you don’t want to have that big hole in your pocket, you may want to follow this suggested listed trends on what you can include in your house without having to shell out an exorbitant amount of money.

These trends we are going to give you are the classic design elements that will never get old and will always look good.Ready?

1. Claw foot Tubs

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These classic tubs during the early 18th century were considered a luxury item, made with cast iron and lined with porcelain.Today, they’re still just as highly desired and even more costly. You may spend$1,000 or more for putting this in your home or you could try to restore andrevamp an antique to its former glory. But whichever you decide on, it’s still a good investment because these majestic tubs won’t ever go out of style.

2. Fireplaces

Fireplaces can be a little problematic. The rear certain fireplaces designs that may give your room an old-fashioned look.Avoid shiny gold fireplaces doors as much as you can. However, a fire place alone is always in trend.

A fireplace represents as a focal point of a room, whether it’s merely a decorative or it’s functioning. Fireplaces can give a touch of luxury, particularly in unexpected rooms such as the dining room and bedroom. If you think that you have an outdated fireplace at home, you can go for a few upgrades, including a new surround, latest mantel, or a new color of paint to make your fireplaces looking new again.

3. Antiques

If you have a piece of furniture at home thathas reached its antique status, you can be so sure that it will look as good in 50 years as it does right now. Plus, a great tip is to mix your furniture from the past and present.

Antiques are made from high-quality materials which are now becoming a lost art form. Try to add these touches to show off some craftsmanship and charm. You can also revamp the look of the antique you want to display to fit your taste such as repainting, replace some parts, or reup holstering.

4. Minimalist Design

Whatever type of decor you choose for your house, clutter and any disorganized stuff will never be a stylish design option. Just take note that less is more and too much can be messy. Having a minimalist design for your home creates a peaceful oasis which gives your eyes a place torest.

5. Built-in Shelves

If you do have plans moving out in the future,adding permanent built-in shelves and cabinetry to your home will increase its resale value while you’re enjoying to use them in the meantime. You can try putting them in your living room and office, corner cabinetry in the dining room, or sturdy shelving and drawers in the closets for a more appealing and functional overall look.

To make it a little luxurious, you can add crown molding to make built-ins look like they were part of the original design.

6. Walls and Artworks

Artworks don’t always have to come with a price to make an impression. Affordable large scale framed pieces of art hung at eye level can work magnificently to enhance the look and feel of your space.Also, paintings or artworks are practical, if they don’t match the new style of a certain place at your home, you easily replace it with something new than having permanent design elements like wallpaper.

7. Plant Collection

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This is perfect if you love nature and adore plants and flowers. You might want to consider having a plant collection in your living room or balcony would be ideal for you. Putting a little greenery will uplift your house and have an illusion of a minimalist enchanted forest that can be an escape for you and your children. Plus, fresh air is healthy too!

8. Right Lighting

Lighting not only helps the mood but it can also make changes in the size of the space.

For darker rooms, you can try full spectrum natural lighting. To experience the beauty of the sky, you can consider skylights or large windows. Lights can illuminate the walls if utilized in the right direction. Meanwhile, directional lighting such as track light helps in softening the colors of the wall.

9. White Kitchen

We cannot deny that renovating the kitchen is one of the most costly upgrades that homeowners can do in their homes, so picking an ageless and enduring style now can save you significant money in the future. Most people agree that white kitchens have the highest resale value.

10. Carpets and Rugs

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If you are planning to decorate your room from scratch, the rug and carpet should be chosen first since they will be your basis on how you will put together all the other elements in your house. If you think that your place is susceptible to stains, you can choose a neutral jute rug. Also, you might like to pick a carpet for your living room that is large enough, since you and your guest would enjoy in a conversation there and you want them to be comfortable and warm on their feet, and giving them adequate footing.

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