Home Staging Guide – Infographic

Making the decision to sell your property can be a daunting one. Your hope is to achieve the best possible price for it but how do you make that happen? The answer is by giving your property every chance to “perform” in the best light. You can do this a number of ways. One way is to take a look at your property with fresh eyes – that means approaching your property from the point of view that a prospective buyer would. This way, you get a clearer picture of what their possible first impressions could be. For example, you might be a massive fan of brightly coloured walls but other people might find that over-powering. Don’t forget the outside of your property too as that is where people will get their first impressions! Fix any annoying niggles eg torn carpets on the stairs and also clear out clutter! Clutter is the enemy as it can really clog up a room(s). Be ruthless with your possessions and if necessary put items into temporary storage while you are showcasing the property. By being very focused, you will give your property its best chance on the real estate market.

The team from EZ Living Interiors have put together this infographic that outlines everything you need to know about home staging for the purposes of selling your property. It contains actionable tips and advice broken into different segments of the home and it also includes some industry expert advice on the matter too. Check out the full graphic below!