How (and Why) Security Systems Provide Complete Protection for Your Home

Your home can be vulnerable to break-ins that not only put your belongings at risk but also your family. A security system can help prevent break-ins and bring assistance to your home and family should a threat of invasion be detected. There are several ways a burglar will try to enter your home, including:

  • More than one-third use the front door
  • About 22% use the back door
  • 23% use main floor windows
  • 9% use garage doors

Unlocked entry points also provide access, including second-floor windows.

Security systems protect your home and family while also reducing the risk of break-ins. When criminals see your home is protected, they set their sites on other homes. In fact, homes without security systems can be up to 300% more likely targets. Although 54% of homeowners have security systems but are unsure how to operate them, and 95% agree they are happy to have one. The good news is that smart home systems are making systems easier to operate while also being more effective.

There are many benefits to security systems, including the potential to save money on your home insurance. Most insurance companies will offer a discount for homes with security systems and often will include car insurance in the special pricing.

A good security system will include:

  • Interactive systems to protect against “crash and smash” break-ins
  • Video monitoring to record clips of your home
  • Smart locks to help limit access
  • Remote operation of your windows, doors and lights
  • Smart systems designed to work with other aspects of your home from heating and air conditioning to lights and appliances

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