How to Use Mobizen-Screen Recorder To Get Maximum Benefits !


Screencast the photos and videos or any mediafile on the computer. This all can be done by making the Android smartphone a medium through the internet browser. The reflecting option quickly loads upmusic and movie or media content right at the desktop itself. Hence to make theapplication work a user can use the keyboard for performing all functions.These functions mainly include

  1. Typing a message
  2. Transferring data
  3. Take a peak on what is stored on mobile device
  4. Run applications
  5. and much more

About Mobizen

Double authorization for higher security. Allowing to record screen without the need of getting the smartphone rooted. Hands on mobile (including notes and memos to the desktop)

Merits of Mobizen

  1. Uninterrupted recording option
  2. Transferring of files
  3. Efficient editing of video files
  4. Controlling/Administering via mouse and keyboard
  5. No requirement of installing the tool separately


  1. The free version has functions but chained functions, in other words just plain simple functions
  2. Heavy issues with the connection

The best screen-recorder in the segment – Mobizen

Mobizen can be simply explained as the screen editing/recording app which extend supports to pull a usual mobile screen to a mobizen live one

Highlights of the Mobizen

1. Make a personal video for any purpose

Get along with the world’s most famed screen recorder and screen recording application. Relish the snappy method of getting the screen captured or recorded. On the brighter side enjoy the feature of recording the mobile screen without a need to root and mess up the smartphone. The videos, actually to be precise the recorded videos could be edited to make it appear more precise and as per requirement to the user. This all without the need of turning on the computer or a laptop

2. The most sophisticated content generation mechanism

The mobizen is the prime as well as a leading tool which is considered on a large scale by the people who are into media field. A user has got nothing to be worried about if there is a shortage of equipments which are costly and on top of that essential to broadcast content along with the entire team. What all is needed is a smartphone with mobizen that is it. It will take care for the rest of the part. Hence making it less hectic.

3. The whole UI/UX blueprinted just for the user

Accurately designed applications could be marked down much better in UX/UI. A much more convenient and comfortable screen recording with the support of Mobizen samsung. Gets the show on the road with a single click/tap. It just starts recording like that, very quick and very much responsive on the other hand. However once the recording is done, there is an option to take a close look of what has been recorded. 

4. Attributes of Editto Editor

  1. Text: The editto mobizen editor is able to supply a sturdy and quality pictures of text format which runs efficiently well with the games
  2. Sticker: The editto furnishes a user with the most related and well famed stickers of game characters
  3. BGM: BGM stands for Background Music, a user according to his wish may change the background music, to his choice of theme music to get along well with the video clip
  4. Dubbing (Modulation of Voice): Feel your voice is just not suitable to go with the type of nature of the clip, just change it, yes that can be done too, all packed in a single app.
  5. Pace Management: By configuring the speed a user can spotlight or neglect the not so good shots of the video clip

All in All

The mobizen app for Samsung or for any android powered smartphone is very efficient in its segment and provides the most accurate output desired by the user.