How Feeling Nostalgia Will Improve your Productivity !

Remember those days ? when we used to tease you by calling Motu !!

Reply if you really remember…Hmm, Those days were Awesome…

If you ever had above conversation with anyone with your old friendcousin -or college buddy who bumped in after 5 years at city railway station.

I felt the same moment one day when I was coming from another city- I was waiting for my bus at near by city at the bus stand and suddenly the guy entered with the bag on his shoulders.

I see that guy & I realized I know this guy he was my class mate during college days-I challenged my memory to recall his name again.

But He stared at me for once and did not recognize me-I said to myself  WHAT THE..F#@*..? How can you forget your classmate’s face when you spend almost 3 most memorable full of masti & fun with them.

I Got name from my subconscious mind -Anup-I called him Hey Anupp-he looked back- stare at me for some time then replied Hey Raghu Romio…it was my nick name during my collage days-we talked-laughed-for almost hour now.-it was like complete flashback of college classroom in that dark-bus station.

Yes, feeling nostalgic is like magic-once I have visited my school after so many years-like almost 10-15 years back-suddenly my whole school days time reincarnated around me.


Those Magical Moments which will give you tears of joy…


That Reaching school at 7 am in the morning on bicycle-sneaking into prayer room from behind-that feeling like winner when you succeeded to join prayer in spite being latefinding your crush & tell your best friend that she is looking cute today-


Hold your horses its just recesses.

Once a day has started waiting for first recesses-Enjoy that hot puffs (Sandwich type recipe) of near by bakery during those cold winter days-all quarrelling with best friends & teasing girlsPlaying flames at the last page of ruff books-practising signature on another side of page..

I have visited that old church near my school where we used to take our lunch-so peaceful-If you have a strong memory that you can listen to the voices of your talk also when you visit that places-hahaha in your head obviously.


 Finally The Last 2 most boring lectures..:(

The Last 2 lectures were like the longest lectures of history-teacher got new points every second & everyone is like WHEN THE HELL? this will get over-scholars sitting on front benches focusing on word-to-word ( at-least pretending to be attentive)

I and My Friends were playing cricket by assuming the last digit of text books(Don’t worry if you don’t know-Game was invented by us)-and suddenly the Bell Rang TON TON TON TON.


Wow….Adrenalin  Rush  Flowing through the body.

Wrapping UP :

  Now that was a one odd day of my school when I had visited my school and also met one of my old friend-after experiencing those moments you will get joy & sense of satisfaction deep down. and yes your inner soul will tell you Yes.You have lived your life so happily so go on. LIVE NOW..:)