How to Grow your Financial Skills by Investment Banking Certifications

Have you set your heart and eyes to become an investment banker? Do you think you have the requisite skills, qualifications and not forgetting the certifications to embrace the career of investment banking? If the answers to any of these questions is yes, then you need to read on… and continue to read to know more about investment banking as a career.

Starting from the basics, let’s first understand what is investment banking, what are the skills you need to acquire, and what would be the certifications for investment banking that would be ideal for you to gain you acceptance in the investment banking field.

What is Investment Banking?

Investment Banking is nothing but a system of financial experts who help organizations issue securities, help investors purchase and manage securities, financial assets, trade securities and provide financial advice. The path to investment banking career is laden with prerequisite skills, work experience and right investment banking certifications; for you to become a successful investment banker.

Investment Banking Certifications And Your Career Growth

Certifications are the third party validations from the reputed certification institutes like Imarticus and Investment Banking Council of America and assure the prospective recruiters that you are dedicated to your profession and would constantly would be endeavoring your best to keep your skills and qualifications updates.

Internships are a great source to earn that required experience along with certifications thus making you an unbeatable combination of certified as well as experienced investment banking professional.  Of course with experience and certifications for investment banking, you need to have certain skills as well.  Here are few of the skills you need to be efficient in, if you want to outshine other applicants at an interview

  1. Sharp analytical dexterity: The most important skill required, sharp analytical dexterity would ensure that you are able to deal with numbers, slides, analytical situations with an ease.
  2. Problem-solving ability: Another important skill since you would be encountering situations wherein you would have to solve a critical problem under highly stressed environs and this is where your problem solving ability would come handy.
  3. Excellent communication skills: Yes, even an investment banker needs excellent communication skills, to present their ideas to both their superiors/clients, team mates.
  4. Eye for details and strong management skills: You must possess both an eye for details and strong management skills to ensure that nothing goes unnoticed by you and you are able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously with a much practiced ease.
  5. Strong and interesting personality: Recruiters seek candidates who possess both interesting and strong personality. Think about something like an airport test – the test wherein the recruiters would be thinking – would they get bored or would they have a good time, if they are stuck with you at an airport. Considering that you would be working under stressful environment, it is important that you maintain your pleasantness and have a strong personality to multitask and deliver your best.