5 Mainstream Technologies Those Will Turn The Tables in 2018

Technologies have made our life much more exciting and more comfortable. We live in an era where we blame it as well as reap its benefits. In its defence, it has made the world smaller and attributed to the advancements in science, medicine, communication and lifestyle.

Technology has infiltrated our lives as never before, and it would continue to do so in the years to come.

The actual problem arises when we hoard ourselves with it and ignore the world around. The inventors designed mobile for secure communication, and we just cannot live it.

The below five mainstream technologies can be more addictive and is expected to turn the tables in 2018.

Augmented Reality

Artificial Reality the new technology

Our sensory system always longs for a more enhanced and enchanted approach of feeling things. This explains the obsession with high definition electronics. Augmented Reality takes us to the next step and helps us experience the feed with more detailing and clarity. The feed can be created both live and indirect. This technology has proven to be useful in most leading industries like Healthcare, Education, Entertainment, Tourism, Manufacturing, etc.

Virtual Reality

As children, we were excited about the occasional 3D movies with the plastic 3D Glasses which took us to an exotic world.

Virtual reality the innovative technology

Thanks to technology, we can enjoy the same experience in the comfort of our own house in the new VR Headsets. It creates a realistic experience which transports us to a different world of unlimited possibilities. Today, it is one of the most sought-after technologies where companies are trying to enhance their service through virtual reality.


Though it might take a year or two for the complete implementation of the technology,

fifth generation technology

5G is all about consumer experience. The technology is all geared up to provide enhanced connectivity, better performed, increased battery life, better user interface, etc. So let’s sit tight and wait for the next mobile revolution to begin. It is expected to be five times better than the 4th Generation technology.


Mobile phones and laptops are better outdated these days. Why scroll through your mobile while you can just check it on your watch.

wearable technology the innovative way to think

Yes, you heard it right. The wearable technology was initially introduced as a healthcare and lifestyle gadget. The fit wristbands could keep track of our physical activity and monitor abnormalities in our body.


The technology has ventured into smartphones which can be used to check messages, answer calls and listen to music. The best part does not stop here. Researchers are actively working to adapt the technique into clothing, eyewear, headgear, etc

Robotic Cars

Automated Cars are the next significant advancements in the automobile industry.

robotic cars is the future of automotive

The idea behind this initiative is to avoid accidents by human error. Many international auto giants are in the process of developing and testing the product. Some companies like Google has also begun implementing the test in live locations. Despite speculations about feasibility of the project, this technology could turn the tables in 2018

Watch out for these mainstream technologies and keep the buzz going.