How Mind Body & Emotion Will Make You Jaw-Dropping Actor !

Performers are like night & day!


why is that?


Everything will change once their medium of working will change-(i.e. Their intensity of voice– Body language-Gestures-Postures everything )


The medium of working as in if he is a stage actor-or tv personality-or Anchor on the local show taking place on road.


But There is One Common Thing which unites them all!


All they need is APPLAUSE…:)  from their audience or well-wishers or fans.


But Not every actor will able to achieve true applause from their audience.


There are so many reasons why each person who is willing to become an actor has not succeed to impress their audience.


Because everyone is not using their mind-body & emotions 100% to their role.


How to use it perfectly?


Let’s Discuss the process of character building!


Suppose one man got a character to play a farmer!

OK…Now What?


Now He will start thinking about their Character! farmer.


It also depends on plot or story whether he is performing on television or on a theatre stage.


The story is describing which era or time-its 19’s century-or 20’s century or 21’st century.


After getting all this information he will decide to build his character of the farmer which he saw earlier in his life-or from his subconscious mind or conscious mind.


BUT  Here is little secret – If a person is feeling his character 100% then the only audience will feel it by their heart.


For this, he has to convert himself completely in his role of farmer-by his gestures-postures-costumes-makeup-language spoken by farmer-eating habits.


All above details he needs to know and they are going to make that person real farmer for whichever era. he wants to be.


Just knowing details won’t help actor-he has to practice it and convert himself slowly & gradually.


E.g. First, he supposes to do research about details-by living like farmer-with costumesspeaking like himeating same things-These all practice requires lots of hard-work patience & dedication.


The Above Character Building process also called as Method Acting- Which is very advanced technique and nowadays very famous among new & young actors.


Let’s think in other direction.


All aspiring actors & established actors knew this thing but why many of people failed to impress their audience.


The actors know character building well but they don’t know the intensity of their emotions i.e. If any person who is theatre actor has to act loud on stage so that audience can see his expressions well.


Camera actors have to control their emotions and act wisely because cameras are very powerful and they can detect a minor change in expressions.


The Same Thing Goes with Mind & Body-


Theatre Actors must have a sharp mind because they do not get a second chance on stage-The Stage is Live and That’s Why it’s SO Exciting.


The Body seems to be in complete control of  mind so that during intense scenes body can follow mind’s instructions to change in any expression.


Wrapping Up :

The mind body and emotions are very there to support any actor in any tough situations. but apart from this three most important factor is coordination of these three-these will come through only one thing-Continuous effort i.e. Rehearsals & living That Character Life which you are playing.