How To Motivate Yourself In Day To Day Life !

Motivation is a small word but if we can say the people who try and recognize it in day to day life will be more successful people than people who are confused how to find it.

We know that most people are living routine life- routine means every day they have the same timetable.

In this day to day life, not all days are equal. some days are happy-some days are extremely challenging-some days are not so good.

To live long, productive and happy its important to enjoy life to your family, friends, and loved ones, just keep breathing is not enough.

There are few Necessity things you need to involve in your day to day life to remain happy and healthy.

1. Look for Positivity Around :

There is every second article or blog you find on how to think positive or how to keep smiling. but the real truth behind this is HOW YOU START YOUR DAY.

Looking For Positivity Around

You should sit for few moments after waking up-first thing you need to smile after waking up-always channelize your positive thoughts. you can say it to yourself also.

I know for few people its difficult to remember every morning but once you practice it for 21 days it will become the habit.

Do not worry or think of work once you wake up. it will make your whole day mess.

You can say or murmur these words to yourself once you wake up every morning- I am happy person- today is my day-God is with me.- I have all confidence to solve all problems.

2. Nurture your Body :

Well, There is a very obvious observation about people that 90% people who begin their morning with any kind of physical work or exercise are more motivated than other people.

Nurture your body

Always start your morning with any kind of exercise you can choose to walk in morning- cool atmosphere can help you to heal your mind & body.

You can start your morning with jogging- well jogging is kind of exhausting at the beginning but once you develop habit your body becomes strong.

There is no better exercise than swimming- you can take dip dive in swimming pool for 30 mins and it will give you energy and enthusiasm for a whole day.

The light yoga will give you pleasant morning, its most useful exercise in the world because it’s not only physical its mental also.

3. Always Challange Yourself :

People always got bored when their life becomes very smooth, dull, or without any challenge.

Always Challange Yourself

Always observe your lifestyle and make small goals to improve your lifestyle-for e.g. if you are waking up late around 8 am. then you should make a goal to wake up at 7 am.

If you are drinking tea too much in office then set a goal to decrease your tea in a day. it will help to decrease sugar input to your body.

If you walk 10 rounds in the park for 1 month and you are not satisfied with your body shape then make yourself ready to take 15 rounds per day.

Above are few examples on how to challenge yourself or set goals for yourself on a day to day life. you can observe your lifestyle and choose yours.

4. Find Your Happiness :

There is always a positive side of every situation-even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Find Your Happiness

There are many people who attached their happiness to some material thing or anything e.g. I will be happy if I will get a good job. or I will get happiness if I will get a promotion or any damn thing you want in your life.

You need to be happy all the time without any condition or any reason to be happy. once you choose happiness in your life then you will always get happiness.

Try to find fun in your work, chat with friends or colleagues. listen to your favorite songs in break time you get between your work.

Help everyone who wants your help-always find positive circle to be with.-choose to be with person who makes you laugh.-learn new things everyday.- read new books.

Always Remember one thing there is no happiness in materialistic things-happiness remains in the yourself-your inner soul.

Wrapping Up :

Life is full of happiness but problem with people is they are finding happiness outside but the real truth is real happiness remains inside. when you learn to find motivation in little things by using above tips you will be happy and enthusiatic all day long.

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