OgyMogy Live Mobile Location Tracker Online App

So I was in the office when I received a call from my husband. It was about a sudden trip out of the station and we had to get ready In a hurry. I was told to pick the teen. His class had to spend half of the day in the library so I was relaxed that will pick him on my way home and the long school trip will be skipped to save time. So I left the office, did some grocery and shopping for the road trip, and went to the library to pick him. Was happy that everything was going as planned I had an extra half hour to take some rest before the husband arrives to pick us all from home. On arriving at the library gate I called my son to come out and will talk to her teacher on my way back home.  At first, he was shocked, and when he tried to skip the trip by saying I will stay at the aunt’s home at night I sensed the trouble. That was new as he has always liked road trips and was always complaining about not having enough.

So I felt something wrong and asked him to on his camera for a video call. Well, that was right at the spot as he finally came out clean that he is not at the library. There was not even a library day from the start and he is with friends at the opposite corner of home and school. I was furious and worried. So I hang up on him with just a  warning to pack up things and I will inform you about the plan in some minutes. There was no way out other than informing his dad about everything. So I told him and as he was in a hurry he just said to leave this matter after we come back home from a trip. He gave us the address of a close bus station and both parties remain in an utter shock state throughout the trip. 

Well after coming back home all my husband did was buy him a new cellphone and get the old phone back from him. I did not understand and on asking he told me to just trust him. Well, it was about using the live mobile location tracker online app called OgyMogy, that he had installed on the phone. According to him, it can inform about his whereabouts without letting him know. I didn’t believe that is even possible at the start but turned out this and even many more extraordinary things are possible with the spy app.

 But first, let’s have a basic introduction of the OgyMogy mobile tracker app and how this spy thing works. The spy app offers an android version that can be installed on the target’s cellphone. Must remember that the app can be installed on a phone that is not password encrypted. (Hence the new phone ). All the recordings are saved on the web portal of the spy app that can be remotely accessed by the user at any given time. We can know about the report whenever we want and can even download the recording from the web portal as well.

Mobile Location Tracking:

  • The spy app lets the parents know about the pinpoint whereabouts and movements of the teenager. You can check if they are at school, library, or any abandoned farmland or desert with the help of this app. Use this app to know all about the secret hideouts and hanging out places of the kids. This feature is necessary for assuring the safety of the teen.
  • The real-time alerts from the spy app for android make it easy for parents to track the location of the teen in case of any emergency. So instead of making round and round trips from school to a library or in the town just know about the live location and skip the part where you are stressed.
  • You can even mark a virtual safe and restricted zone on the google map for your kid and get a real-time alert about his movements around the marked zone.

The OgyMogy live mobile location tracker online app no doubt is the need of the hour for today’s teens.