Every Organization Needs a Chief Leadership Officer

There is a common topic that has been swirling around boardroom discussions of companies every now and then and that is along the lines of enforcing leadership development at each level. And the most frequently suggested way to put this plan into action is by welcoming a Chief learning officer into the organization.

The role played by a CLO

The primary responsibility on the shoulders of a CLO is to strengthen leadership development among every stratum of employees by making them engaged into leadership training which comes in handy when it comes to shaping their career and enhance leadership skills. As a result of which, the organization experiences better results across every department.

The main areas that are positively affected by the activities of a competent chief human resources officer are:

  • Employee retention
  • Community engagement
  • Employee productivity & satisfaction
  • Achievement of corporate social responsibility targets

Common take of organizations on the CLO position

There is a shared agenda among organizations regarding the hesitation of hiring new employees on the company’s payroll, especially, for those roles that can be conveniently served by professionals outside of the organization. And for obvious reasons, this step is taken only when a professional is willing to offer his or her services without wanting to be soaked into the systemic flaws of the organization.

The position of a chief learning officer should not be treated as conventional or full time in nature and absorbed into the company. It is advisable to keep this role away from the culture, norms, and gossip going inside the company because only then, the CLO will be able to critique the core culture and suggest effectively required alterations.

The cross-functional aspect of a CLO’s work responsibilities is the whole beauty of this role as it involves identifying the leadership talent of each employee and assigning them the roles as per their individual capabilities. But during the process of analyzing the leadership potential of an employee to align it with the required results, there are many hurdles like conflict among staff members, lack of communication and mundane performances that have to be overcome in order to bring able and passionate employees in the forefront.

A steep demand for a Chief Learning Officer

A plethora of organizations have still not been able to implement the ongoing practice of instilling leadership within their system. And this factor can prove to become a cause of slowing down their progress as it is essential for an organization to experience a constant presence of a chief learning officer to keep the employees on the right track that leads to the success of the organization as well as their personal prosperity.

An accomplished chief learning officer acts like a guide who helps top executives as well as mid-level employees in hopping on the right path and creating a healthy environment for the company. CLOs quest to be the best at their job and foster others to be the same way.