How Power Of Ignorance Can Make You Successful in Any Field

Do we really know ourselves ?

Dude….What Kind of ridicolous question is that ? Ofcourse ?

I mean My Name is Mike and I am blogger Huh…

Yeah you know your name is mike but do you know what you are capable of doing ?

Hey Hey Hey…If You are going to start some motivation bulls**t then stop it right now..

Aaahhh Okkkk….forget it ! let me talk to myself. I think I need better company.

Ever Experienced above situation before in life ? I bet You Do many times.

We almost question ourselves everyday before taking any big step of life..

Am I capable of doing this work ?……Can I complete this task in two days..?

Shall I succeed in life ?….will I get enough chances to became ent erprenuer ?

Mostly Answer we are getting from inner soul are in dubious state..yeah…may be or may be not.

Before Starting any task people build their mental limitations called Mental Block.

So Based on Above Arguments We Dont Know Our True Potential.

That’s Bad Right…?….Nope…..That Ignorance Will Make You Win Mountains…..:)

You Wanna Know How ?

Take……Deep Breadth……..:)


Do You Know This Creature…?

Smiling bumblebee

Image source

Yeah….What a Stupid Question ?…Its Honey Bee..

Yes….You are Partially Right….ITs Bumblee Bee.

There is one interesting story behind  How Power of Ignorance Can Make it fly.

One Fine Day….God Made this colourful creature called and gave it name bumblee bee.

It Thanked god for giving life and asked god that it wants to fly like eagle.

God Replied With big No-No and Said….Watch your shape.!

You are not shaped aerodynamically like eagle to fly high..

Bumblee Bee dont listen and try to fly to and it did for shorter distance.

She flies for few distance but with noise like..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

She smiled at god and said look god I can fly with making some noise.

She finally fly like Pro all her life..because she follow Power of Ignorance.

Bumblee bee didnt know that her shape is not ment to be fly high.

We all have to be like Bumblee bee to become successful in life.

Let me Tell You My True Story.

I Got my first job as Sales Person where I had to call prospects and Convinced them to buy our software which was free to use.

After first month I got target of selling 10 in my first month.

My Senior Told me that first month you can sell minimmum 5 as you are new to this process but I somehow ignore his pep talk and focus on my work.

During first 10 days I got 3 sold. and I got appreciation from my boss that as beginner its great start…:)

 I Stay focused and increase my calls per day..erlier I was making 30 calls per day but now I made 40-45 calls per day..

 Imagine…I got 2 more sells after 2 days…I got half ways to my target in more than 12 days…:)

I Focused more and observed my senior how he talks on call..what are their opening greetings…

I developed sales pitch like him and got 3 more sales in next week..and I was like on cloud nine..

As Beginner I made history to make 8 Sales in first month…

I still left 20 days to make 2 sells.

I keep calling with joy on face and I acheived my target with BANG….:)

That Feeling OF Winning  IN WORDS

The Same Rule I followed The Power Of Ignorance…:)

If I had decided by listening to my senior that ohhh I AM NEW I can make only this much than I had to satisfy with 5 sells only But I did’nt…..:)

Wrapping Up :

As person Never Ever Make Your Limitations before initiating Any TASK…Just GIVE YOUR 100% And Make Every Effort Count…If You Ever Lose Faith in yourself…Remember…Bumbee Bee….:)