How to Prepare for Online Proctored Exams

Online Proctored Exams are trending day after day with the increase of online courses being offered by diverse institutions. If you had asked people what they knew about online proctored exams a few years back, there is a possibility that you wouldn’t have received any solid, appropriate answer. However, times have changed as taking online proctored exams has become commonplace for individuals all around the world.

Online programs have grown in number due to its widespread demand and so as the online exams taken in the presence of a proctor. People have begun to be inclined towards online-based educational courses due to a plethora of benefits that they have to offer.

Pros of online Proctored Exams

Pursuing a course online gives you an opportunity to study what intrigues you without having to leave your job. Which means that you get to keep a career plus the chance to learn about new subjects that can eventually provide a better direction for your work life. Another great thing about studying online is that you are required to give much lesser fees as compared to what you pay for traditional methods of learning.

Moreover, the schedule that you follow for an online course is incredibly flexible and you get more choices in terms of programs that you would like to pursue. Online courses require you to have a strong sense of self-disciple which means you feel more responsible for your outcomes and that is also a good thing in many ways. All you need to enhance is your self- motivation quotient and plans will work out in no time.

Myths Online Proctored Exams

Many administrators, as well as educators, have a concerned related to the abilities along with the authenticity of the online proctoring service providers. Furthermore, they also believe that the whole concept of online proctoring creates issues associated with the breaching of privacy of the exam candidates. However, there is still a breed of service providers who have their technologies in place and upholds the utmost respect for the privacy as well as the rights of the students.

Types of Proctoring Services Being offered 

There are five primary kinds of proctoring services in the field of online proctoring.

  1. Auto-authentication: Prior to the exam, the candidates are asked to take a photo of their ID card along with the face. Also, they are supposed to enter a unique biometric keystroke signature.
  2. Live authentication: Right after the above mentioned ID verification process is over, the proctor executes the procedure of facial comparison.
  3. Automatic proctoring: Once the authentication process ends, the candidate’s environment is strictly monitored so that there are no technical interruptions during the online proctored exam.
  4. Record-and-review proctoring: In this style of proctoring, after authenticating the student, he or she is videotaped from the beginning until the end of the exam.
  5. Live proctoring: The most common type of proctoring, after the authentication procedure and monitoring of the candidate’s environment, a live proctor keeps an eye over the student’s activities in real time to look for any suspicious movement.