What is Procedure of Fue Hair Transplant

As the world is focusing more and more on fashion and photography, our appearance today is playing an essential role at shaping our lives and future. Whether at home or company, there is no doubt that your appearance is directly affecting who you are to your spouse, siblings and coworkers.

This way, a family whose members enjoy a better look is happier and always sounds to have a better time. Similarly, an employee with a better look is more eligible to win that promotion or coming increment in salary.

In this manner, we all know that our maximum beauty would not be complete without that well-styled full head of hair that adds more confidence, beauty and uniqueness to our characters. Such qualities today are vital and bald people need to spend some extra time thinking of their situation.

When it comes to the effects of hair loss, bald people- specially young sufferers- are always missing their genuine appearance, confidence and self-esteem, which usually leads to additional complications that includes severe depression. For the majority of them –specially males- know deep within that wearing a cap or fully shaving the head is not the solution to their desperation for getting their natural look back.

Luckily however, the world has grown smart enough to tackle this problem through what we know today as hair transplant procedure.

What is Hair Transplant Procedure?

Hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure that was developed in the 1950s to tackle the problem of hair loss by growing hair again in the bald areas. Under local anesthesia, the procedure involves removing healthy hair follicles from an area within the scalp known as donor area, and transplant them again in the bald (receiving) area. This less invasive procedure takes between 5-7 hours to complete and is carried under local anesthesia through which the patient remains conscious and can read their favorite magazine or watch the television.

Hair Transplant Techniques

There are two primary techniques “FUT, FUE” through which a hair transplant procedure could be applied. Generally, the two techniques have the same objective, which is transferring hair from one area of the scalp and transplanting it into the bald or thin areas. Technically speaking, with Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), the surgeon takes the transplanted hairs from the donor area by stripping a long narrow tissue of skin and separate the hairs form it later.

With FUE hair transplant (Follicular Unit Extraction) however, the surgeon extracts the hairs from donor area one by one using a very advanced medical tool and transplants them into the receiving area in the same manner.

Which Technique is better?

When it comes to whether FUT or FUE, the answer should be obtained after a deep analysis of the person’s case and their preferences. However, hair transplant surgeons recognize FUE hair transplant technique to be less invasive and smoother. Despite its higher cost, the majority of patients’ reviews also show a clear preference for FUE due to its faster recovery time, better results and minimum scarring afterwards.

Do not Forget Searching for the Best Surgeon.

Hair transplant is a very delicate procedure that guarantees the maximum best results only if carried by the right surgeon. The definition of right surgeon here is the one with excellent medical record, high qualifications and long specialized experience in the field of hair transplant. Speaking, of FUE hair transplant in Turkey for instance, the country is widely popular for its experienced and talented surgeons who are internationally accredited and operate within fully equipped clinics. In the past years, FUE hair transplant in Turkey has been recognized as the ultimate solution for hair loss problems that is available for so affordable costs and with a high medical quality.

You should also remember that the right surgeon would only operate at a legally confirmed clinic. Thus, it is vital to start your journey towards retrieving your hair by searching for the legal clinic you feel safe entrusting with your head.

In conclusion

Each problem has a solution and baldness is no longer a problem with hair transplant. Indeed, the decision of undergoing this procedure is a very important one that requires a high scale of awareness. For that, don not hesitate to spend some extra time searching, consulting and seeking knowledge on this procedure from every possible source.

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