How Quora Can Get You Insane Traffic to Your Website

What is Quora

Quora is an application which serves as a knowledge platform across the globe. Humans are inquisitive, and this team has monetized this quest into creating the ideal medium. This information sharing site allows users around the world to post question across all topics and the users themselves answer it. This forward thinking ideology not only serves as an information portal but also encourages its consumers to expand their wisdom through research and analysis. The company also works on a stringent policy to keep the content clean and professional. Though the users post most of the material, the admins strictly monitor it for any discrepancies.


Who are the quora primary users 

The primary audience consists of both students and professionals. The website is used by people nationally and internationally. It is preferred by both genders equally.  The platform has an excellent system of encouraging users to participate in the activities actively. The categorization allows consumers to choose their preferred field. They encourage users to select their area of specialization, and the algorithm is created in a way to keep the users interested.

Who are the benefiting industries?

Anyone and everyone would be the ideal answer. Since the website covers a wide range of industries, the users are from different walks of life. The companies can segregate and target the adverts, and it serves as a significant advantage. The site can create and display user centric advertisements which offer a high ROI for the companies. They cover a broad spectrum of information, and the target audience belongs to a more refined category. Companies and users prefer this medium to target their potential niche audience.


How is it different from other digital mediums?

Unlike social media sites, Quora is more of an information and knowledge sharing platform. Though the applications allow users to follow their counterparts and upvote their personal answers, it is not a socializing platform. It is more thoughtful and works towards a standard goal. There are thousands of questions asked and answered in this medium on a daily basis. It is quite popular as the other social mediums sans the networking factor.


How can it be utilized to increase traffic?

quora traffic overview

Placing the ad in Quora is a relatively easy task, and it can be done with minimal technical expertise. It works on a cost per click medium hence additional effort must be taken while setting the target audience, demographics, etc. The platform is dedicated to an array of dedicated and intelligent users, and this makes it one of the most reliable promotion mediums. It is essential to have a detailed and defined landing page to ensure connectivity and conversion.