Why Your Readers Will Love to Share and Comment on Your Blog !

Have You ever noticed few blog post got viral like anything while other did’nt even got one reader?


Few Content People loves to share with smiling face while others got stay untouched ?



Well there is one process called understanding content life cycle you can plan your content by applying few tectics and your readers will love to share your blog. and will vouch for your writing.

Like anyother product every content has its own life cycle. so content management is very crucial part of content management life cycle. content management involves six phases : plan, develop, control, deploy, preserve and evaluate.

Content Life Cycle


Before creating any content you should asked three questions to yourself.

Why I am creating this content ?

How I will create This content ?

What Value this content deliver to my audience ?

 Why I am creating this content ?

First of all asking why to yourself is important. it will clear your mind that why I am creating this piece of content what I am going to create write now.

If you are clear about this why thing. stop right now.

Think twice and ask why again ?

The purpose behind creating any content should be very clear. the answer of this question will give you clear idea for whom you are creating.

Target Audience :

The target audience will give you which form of content you should create. you should know the taste of your audience. which type of content they will love to share like and comment.

Target audience for your content


For example : if your target audience is between 18-24 then you should’nt create long blog post. instead of that you should create engaging video or gifs with expressive image.

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Yeah that’s what I’m talking about.

How I will create This content ?

The how part of question is most critical one. How includes the process of creating content.


The Process of creating content involves three basic but most curcial points.

Idea & Research:

The idea is the center of creating content but it must be supported with strong research. research should be based on recent data from relevant resources.

If you are creating any analytical piece then it must involved data and facts from relevant sources.

Writing :

 The Writing process should be “show” not tell. Also writing must be with minnimum jargon it should not content heavy words.

Promotion :

Only writing content is not enogh now a days, sucessful promotion stretegy must be in place to promote content with your influencers.

 Twitter is the best place to search and contact influencers who will love to share your content.

What Value this content deliver to my audience ?

 While creating content what part is pure value to the readers.


After reading this content your reader will comment on this post or will leave as it is will depend on which problem they will able to solve.

Always keep your audience as a center while creating content. you will provide them checklist or pdf which they will use in their day to day use.


That’s IT.


Congratulations..you are ready to create awesome content for your readers…..:)


Conclusion :

You should be clear about before creating content what should be planning stretegy so that your readers will love to comment, share and read your content always.