How Artificial Intelligence Certification Will Make You Winner

The buzzword that is making a zillion heads turn, Artificial Intelligence is gaining inexplicable popularity for transforming science fiction into reality. It is an awe-inspiring is a branch of computer science that owns the potential to bring a multitude of alterations in how work is carried out in disparate industries.

A brief report on Artificial Intelligence – How AI Boosts Industry Profits and Innovations – explains that AI is anticipated to enhance economic growth with an average of almost 1.7 % across sixteen industries by the year 2035. Over & above, it says that by the year 2035, Artificial Intelligence technologies shall boost the productivity of labors by 40 % or even more. Therefore, the doubling of economic growth over 12 nations will continue to attract talented as well as experienced people to become a part of this domain.

This article will throw light on the widespread industry application of AI, the potential career routes that one can take along with the benefits of earning an Artificial Intelligence Certification.

The Meaning of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence can be defined as a technique of training a computer, a robot or else, a software to think smartly in a way that is very much alike to the human brain. AI can be achieved by identifying the patterns in the human mind and by evaluating the complex cognitive process.

Applications of AI

Machines, as well as computers, play a huge role in the way we work and live. Big corporations are continuously trying to roll out revolutionary alterations to how the consumers connect with famous machine-learning technology.

DeepMind Technologies is an AI company based out of Britain which was taken over by Google in the year 2014. This organization built a Neural Turing Machine that allows computers to imitate the human brain’s short-term memory.

The Automotive sector was introduced to Artificial Intelligence through the driverless cars launched by Google as well as Tesla’s Autopilot characteristics. A post on Twitter by the founder and CEO of Tesla Motors says that the future products of Tesla shall own the capability to anticipate the destination which their drivers are wanting to reach by learning their behavioral patterns through AI.

Reasons to Pursue an AI Certification

1.The soaring demand for AI Professionals with Certifications

One out of five organizations shall be utilizing Artificial Intelligence to make smarter decisions in the years to come. It shall assist companies in offering customized solutions to staff members in real-time. Thus, an intense boost in the demand for AI professionals possessing skills in new technologies shall only grow.

2. New and Unorthodox Career Paths

Artificial Intelligence is predicted to create around 2.3 million of job positions in the market by the year 2020 as per the latest report by Gartner. Also, the Capgemini report says that approximately 83 % of organizations utilizing AI believe that this technology has great potential in creating a plethora of new jobs. Due to AI, there are various unconventional skill sets that are needed in the workforce which is building up new job opportunities.

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