Top 10 Free Design Tools to Create Social Media Graphics !

Visuals have deepest impact over minds and longest time in memory storage. And in the virtual world graphics walks handy with attention value packages. They engage the potential audience with your product and service, also topping in word of mouth marketing. The role doesn’t end just with attention, the images and graphics in your post are amazing gambit for your SEO.

Well benefits with graphics bundled, and you may think this would require extra skill on some complicated software or training for the same or may be lots of $$ on your end. Good news! You don’t need any of it. The solutions are just one search away. Various tools are available in the market for the same.

Here, take a look at 10 tools you cannot miss creating social media graphic online.

1. Canva

“Versatile package to create anything”

Be it for non-designer or for a highly professionals, for creating an invitation or an infographic, the tool is a versatile package to create anything you want. Canva offers you customization over all pre-made design the templates for social media images, letters, cards, covers, etc. An easy-peasy tool, just one click to your desired template, add content and there you are.

Also, you can craft images in all dimensions. Adjust height and width of your images and get highly professional result over it. Plans with Canva are both free and paid staring from $12.95 per month.

2. Picmonkey

“Extremely easy and mobile friendly for all your Photo-edits”

Available with both free and paid versions, with Picmonkey you can modify your images with incredibly amazing edit options with simple interface. It is extremely famous for providing photo editing solutions at high end involving options such as cropping, rotating, sharpening resizing along with adjusting exposure and saturation of the images. This online graphic design software you can create buttons as well as banners for your social media accounts especially for Instagram users and bloggers.

The bucket off overlays and fonts are available with Picmonkey. And for selfie, family photo and portrait photography edit you get bonus feature that is “Touch Up”.

Starts with free trial, you can use the application by starting with plan of $7.99/ month as premium user and $8.99/month.

3. Befunky

“A free photo collage maker”

Upload your raw clicks and get extraordinary layouts, free clip art images and features with Befunky. Also, it gives options to create stupendous collages in full-screen mode supporting drag and drop option with natural interface.

The program supports dozens of free collage layouts such as holiday cards, Facebook cover, baby shower cards and more, though not all features are free to use. You can import the images from your computer storage, Facebook profile or Befunky account and customize them with perfection even with resizing and entering custom pixel sizes. The features that aren’t free are marked with blue star.

And all of these editing can be done without making account. And, again it can be downloaded as mobile photo editing application.

4. Piktochart

“Incredibly simple to use yet astonishingly professional result”

Want to create impressive infographics for your website, blog or social media pages, well get an amazing intuitive platform with rich design toolkit and free products is here with Piktochart.

For professionals as well as beginners, the cloud graphics design tool has smooth and easy navigation with interactive maps and design drive chart, configurable canvas, and icons. With array of themes and templates, you can insert videos, maps, charts and links.

Also, with the easy HTML publishing feature here, you can customize the output to the file format to PNG, JPG and PDF uploading your quite faster.
Picktochart is available for free trail an free account, not yet offering phone version, various upgradation for exploring features are available starting from Picktochart Lite for $15/month.

5. Pixlr

“Get mobility with features on all the powerful edit tools in one simple tool with Pixlr”

It hosts all tools for complex editing along with quick fixes for swift touch-ups on images. It is a cost-free application, humbly suitable for freelancers and small businesses. The interface is kept quite simple though the results are highly professional.

Suitable for any device or operating system and usable for commercial purpose, the application is a lightweight needing only space and memory for IOS and Android users and Flash plug-in for computers and good news it works on any of your preferred browser, whether it’s Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Explorer. Be it complex editing processes or quick fixes, Pixlr offers multifaceted tools for all.

Again, the application is known for privacy measures it has. The files are saved in your system, computers, tablets or phones and the application does not in any way store perceptual copies of the images in their system
Pixlr have free trial version as well as free account and there is no further payment required.

6. Cacoo

“Draw it simply effective”

Create anything from UML (Uniform Modelling Language), wireframes, sitemaps, flow chart, and network charts with this user-friendly cloud-based drawing tool supporting real time collaboration. You can monitor all your changes and ideas and keep track of individuals involved in each collaboration. Consisting of in-built store with predesigned icon sets and templates, Cacoo is eminent software for all administrators with multiple contributors.

Get predesigned shape libraries and templates for mind maps, flow charts, floor plans, organizational charts, infographic, network map, and more.
It has a free trial. Though the plan starts from $4.5/month and upgradation are available to traverse more features and options.

7. Easel.ly

“Nail your quotes more creatively”

Don’t have design experience but need a creative option to design? Well then here it is with Easel.ly One of the best intuitive and simple web-based tool that allows you to create timeless, annotated maps, flowcharts, posters, announcements, instructional guides, and any other visual display that show data or information.

The tool offers thousands of infographic design templates containing pre-inserted graphics, customize them the way you want to. Want a team of professional designers to support your projects, Easel.ly is equipped well with it.

You will get a free trial and free account with 60 free images and 10 fonts and it gives option to upgrade to free version as well with $3/mo with 680,000 Images and 50+ Fonts to use, download with PDF and high resolutions.

It also offers Easel.ly enterprise account for the companies who are using highy sensitive data, operating in highly regulated industry, and using internal policies for HIPPA and/or FERPA laws, which you can purchase from vendor.

8. Pablo

“Power-boost your social media management”

Pablo is a fabulously designed a quick image creation tool by Buffer, to nail your social media management. You can find the program handy with all sorts of creativity for your inspirational quotes, blog post teasers and quotes, product images, Facebook preview images, testimonials, and much more.

Rich data base with over 600 of royalty free stock photos and quotes is the noteworthy feature with Pablo. It’s involves simple edits with yet phenomenal results for your posts. Search for preferred stock image, grab a random quote and there you are, edit the details to cutting-edge designs.

The power here is the text edit. You have multiple text fonts on your dashboard with adjusting background image to be pixelated, blurred or black and white and all of these are FREE with Pablo.

9. Vectr

“A simply powerful and importantly free vector graphic platform.”

Designer or software engineers, social media specialists and bloggers or project managers, whoever out there who want to create simple vector graphics with minimum fuss, Vectr proves to be well-designed application with Shallow learning curve.

Well comparatively to high-end applications it lacks advanced features, but it provides basic tools and features including pen tool, shape tool, align elements, arrange elements, path finders, fills, strokes, and gradients. The panel will accord other features like arrows, lightining bolts, stars, calendar icons, and other assorted clipart type designs. The tool gives you freedom to import and edit SVGs and bit maps for the backgrounds.

The application can be used in any desktop device supporting Windows, Mac, Chrome, and Linux or in any modern browser. Saving your project by default online, you can start or continue with your project on different devices. And all this plethora of features with Vectr is completely free of cost, no enterprise pricing fees to worry about.

10. Gravit

“Unleash the details in your vector graphics”

Ideal for UI designs, icons, graphics for marketing tools, creating cool concept art, animation, or presentation with SVG editing tool, Gravit is a complete vector graphic design solution. You get precision and detailing in your creativity in this software and good thing it can run as an in-browser or a desktop application smoothly on Windows, Chrome OS, Linux and Mac devices.

Gravit delivers outstanding result to your work with advanced dashboard having 19 preset dimensions for print, 15 for social media content and cover, 8 for web design, 7 for tablets, and 6 for watches and phone. And that’s not it, you can also set your preferred document height and width.

A smooth and feasible cloud hosted software for beginners and a bonus for professionals, the program has a clean and intuitive interface with high customization. You can open multiple documents and easily access them via the visible tabs on the top right corner. You also get tutorial tab for the great source of guidance for this platform. It has extreme powerful grids and moreover it supports exports.

A completely free as application suitable to product designers, graphic designers and web designers for small or medium businesses as well as freelancer.

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