3 Money Grubbing Social Media will Make Your Startup Giant !

The Twenty first century gave humankind the revolutionary gift, the internet after that the technology evolution taken place.


The World came closer to each other and by passing every decade the internet became more powerful in terms of Speed, Storage & Accuracy.


After few years the rise of search engine giant had taken place, THE GOOGLE came in to existence.


Technology really changed the human’s life but it also changed the social behavior or living the social life.


Talking about Social life-one word quickly spark in mind unconsciouslySOCIAL MEDIA.


The rise of Social media has definitely made a remarkable change in every person’s life because it provides more information to you regarding your interest.


Now A days Social media is widely used by Businesses also, as of now the social media users total numbers are 2.46 Billion and it will be expected to be around 3.02Billion till 2021.


However The Small and Medium Scale industries are often being confused of using which social media is more profitable for their business.


But There are few social media networks which should be in the everyone’s eye to make your business more profitable & to gain more leads.


The most widely used social network around the world is Facebook,It contains approx 2.06 Million Users all around the world and its growing insanely.


The reason why it is so liked by users are it has very attractive user interface which attracts users from age group 14-60.


Small Businesses are taking full advantage of Facebook’s features i.e. –Creating Event PagesInvite interested members to eventsSharing Live Feed of Events.


Also facebook has well managed facebook ads campaign by which anyone can set up a facebook campaign within minimum per day budget.


 Above all features make facebook the widely loved social media in the world.

2. YouTube :

The second most widely visited social network is YouTube, It has around 1.5 Million users.In today’s scenario if you want results immediately or you want to make any information viral youtube is the answer to all questions.

Today is the age of video marketing & youtube is no.1 in this area.but creating video is just not enough, you have to create it with proper title with Search engine keywords right.



Smart thing is creating a small video ad and upload it on youtube and other video websites like e.g. Vimeo, Vine. etc.



If your organization have large budge then you can take advantage of youtube masthead ads. but its kind of very expensive so you have to be sure for your return on investment before investing for same.


 The 3rd one is every teen’s favorite Instagram where the number of users are approx 700 Million. everybody is in love with its ready to apply filters where you can make your ugly looking pic cool with tons of background in it.

But now its owned by facebook so whoever is familiar with facebook can easily add campaigns and increase number of followers by posting cool pics.

However its more loved because of its continuously upgrading features-recently it has launched two new features i.e. first one with three step ultra zoom which is perfect for creating memes & new live video feature which allows Instagram user to invite friend in live video together.

If you are a start up & want to build a user base in short term, you must include Instagram in your social media network.

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