The Story Behind Holocaust Survivor You Need To Know Today !

-Every human being wants cozy life, they do not want any struggle or any hardships during their lifetime.

-Everyone has one life but it’s not certain that it will be cozy ride or roller coaster ride, it depends on how you take challenges in life.

-Some people do not thankful their life, they got bored with their easy life, but they do not realize for any poor person who is struggling to meet ends is the dream life.

-Do you ever IMAGINE the life in CONCENTRATION CAMP?

-YES, Some of our Generation perhaps even don’t know the meaning of Concentration Camp.

-During Time of World War-2 All the Jews Community people were gathered & send to camps through railways by committing false promises of better future but in reality, Hitler wanted to remove whole community by murdering them in Gas Chambers.

-They Kept Healthy people in camp for work but if Russian soldiers so-called RS found anyone little ill or not fit for work they immediately sent them to gas chambers.


-The Book starts with the journey from the well-known neurologist & psychiatrist sent to concentration camp in Auschwitz.


-On the entry all new people sent to take bath before that they shaved their all hair, & gave them white uniform.


-Every Camp member has one unique number tattoo on the arm so name, surnames, educational degree all things vanished just remain Your Number.


-They had to work hard all the day and in the name of food one bowl of soup & one piece of big bread was given every day.


-The camp rules were very strict & brutal if anyone caught stealing food they immediately hanged till death in the middle of camp.


-The camp was full of dirt & filth because they were overcrowded by prisoners.


-Dr, Viktor made own rules by which he could survive these very bad days, he tried to look young & healthy &  fit for work every day.


-Remain healthy with very less access to food is a very challenging task because you have to make your mind very powerful.

-Dr. Viktor observed that the prisoners who found meaning in life are the prisoners who survived long in the concentration camp.

-Some prisoners started talking about good food when RS Soldiers are away from sight, Some stay strong to meet their family members again after freedom.

-Dr. Viktor observed that human emotion is the most powerful thing which kept human being hopeful in any suffering.

-The meaning of life will be found in suffering also but one should see a ray of hope in every bad situation.

-One Must Read this Amazing Book called Man Search for Meaning.

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