The Next Big Thing in Social Media : Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social media marketing are changing the world market. Your social media data is your asset.

Customers are the royalties in the market and they would always be. This era, it is not just about if they buy from you because market changes on the basis of what they think about you.

Infact they are louder in today’s market with the rapidly firesome growing social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc., giving them largest stage to talk.

Want to know who is tagging you in their posts on social profile, without finger tapping each notification? Or who is searching you out there on any of social media sites?

Here are some really interesting social media monitoring tools to explore your audience thinking for your business.

1. Hoot suite

Want to manage multiple social media accounts in one place? Well here it is then. Link all your social profile with Hootsuite and application dashboard tabs will organize that for you. You don’t have to remember long list of passwords or go to each individual site to check progress anymore. You get array of design themes as well as more than 30 report modules to work smartly by generating insightful social analytics reports. It allows you to produce custom reports to get data and insights on the metrics that matter to you.

Hootsuite would directly allow your company to manage accounts over more than 35 popular social networks including: Twitter, LikedIn, Footsqaure, Facebook, Google+, and WordPress blogs.

For other platforms such as Instagram, Evernote, Flickr, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Vimeo, MailChimp, Slideshare, Storify and Edcor hoot suite connects your using third party.

Plans: Hootsuite has a 30 days free trial plans for professional account and team account which would later cost $19/month and $99/month respectively. Also, you can buy business account $499/month and Enterprise account on Quote.

2. BrandWatch

“Analyze, collect and report all your business conversations from across the social web with Brandwatch.”

The tool is advanced with the feature to chop and slice the relevant business data involving categorization, graphing, geolocation, metadata as well as countless other components.

The software uses 22Boolean Operators. You are in control of the data you see with Brandwatch. Also, to add up, the tool is operated by one of the few companies which has access to more than 90 million sources. One of the sources is twitter’s “firehose”.

It can be used for tracking campaigns, finding leads and finding influencer and competitor benchmarking.

Plans: no free trial are available with Brandwatch. The price starts from £500/month.

3. Iconosquare

“Manage, analyze and engage your potential crowd on Instagram at fingertips”

Iconosqaure gives you complete control over the new sensational social media platform Instagram. You can measure the fan following as well work to expand your follower range with simple efforts over this analytic software.

It provides you real time boost performance with ease run of Instagram videos and photo contests, as many as 30 comments tracking at a time, design your pages with customizable landing pages and all of these in more than 20 different languages.

Plans with iconosqaure are starting with Free trial Version, upgradable to starter plan at $9/month, Pro plan at $39/month, Advanced plan at $79/month and for Agency Plan you can contact vendor.

4. Talkwalker

The platform is devoted to analytics. It is an outstanding choice for small and midsized businesses providing with good selection of analysis features as well as competitive benchmarking and prebuilt dashboards. It provides you with powerful Boolesnsearch Query features and smart themes for social analytics.

More than 30,000 brands are in the Talkwalker’s data base which will help you to analyse your insights based on your official logo summarizing te your brand appearance on social media. You can manage tiniest of details for your brand as this software works with nearly 185 different language and has a coverage across more than 150 million websites. 

Plans:  No free trial. Basic plan starts with $500/month expandable to corporate at $1000/month and enterprise at $2,200/month.

5. TweetDeck

Are you an Individual, organization, or a large corporate and need aid to   manage multiple Twitter account from a unified interface? With TweetDeck it is all possible. With customizable social media dashboards, this cloud-based software has gained immense popularity in managing and monitoring multiple Twitter accounts.

It offers versatile options varying from tracking your messages, user feeds, tweet filters, scheduling and analytics. To avoid getting lost in pile of tweets and feeds while managing a bucket of accounts, Tweetdeck is built with this feature to mark tweets as read.

Deploy Tweetdeck as Web app, a Chrome app or desktop app, and start exploring it by just going to their website and signing in with your twitter details.

Plans is all FREE.

6. Brand24

Bring accuracy in timely replies and right actions with Brand24. Here is an incredibly intelligent platform developed to capture real time comments for your brand and business. It is known for the speed to analyze the comments and mentions along with tracking the key words.

The system in-houses tools like mention feed and alert tools to swiftly identify the negative comments over your brand and take corrective actions for the same before they are escalated.

Also, you have influence scoring tool to track and identify influencers and get your brand amplified. Again, this application would give you scores and numbers to analyze volume of discussions and mentions, gauge sentiment and determine your reach.

Plans starts with free trial. Upgradation includes Personal Plus plan fees of $49/month, Professional Premium plan with fees of $99/month and Professional Max plan with fees of $399/month.

7. Mention

A club house to manage variable monitoring activities over web for your business. With accessibility available in over 40 different, Mention provides an array of trending and needful information for businesses. More than 5,00,000 companies are trusting with Mention and the list includes Microsoft, GitHub, Spotify, etc.

Plans start with Free trial. Upgradation are available with SOLO at $29/month, STARTER $99/month and COMPANY could be purchased by quote.

8. Sprout Social

“A streamline communication mode between your business and customers”

Build a community communication mode with simple and logical interface with this SaaS application. Also, you can work with your social marketing plan with SproutSocial and work efficiently with variety of tools offered by this program. it identifies your potential customer with providing well established dashboard whereby subject area is neatly divided into six sections Messages, Tasks, Feed, Publishing, Discovery, and Reports.  

Plans are divided into free trial version of each plan of 30days followed by Premium Plan at $99 per use/month, Corporate Plan at $149 per user/month and Enterprise Plan at $249 per user/month

9. Social Mention

“Manage your social reputation and social listening with sensible solutions with Social Mention”.

For business owners and digital marketers this application is a real time social media search and analysis too to know what and how much your being talked about by your customers. The program supports monitoring more than 100 social media properties including Facebook, YouTube, and twitter and is used by some of the big players in market like Atlantic Creative Communications and 7Savant.

The tools here can analyze how you are being mentioned i.e it analyzes the emotions involved in your mention. It also gives you the list of popular hashtags being used in market. Post Rank is another fabulous feature which sets proprietary algorithm to manage social engagement.

10. Agorapulse

“Social community and moderation tool for all kind of businesses”

Extremely user free platform built to consolidate messages from different sites, publish posts as well as monitor their top social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

All the conversation with Agorapulse could be managed in 15 minutes or less in single centralized dashboard. The program is loaded with comprehensive reporting tools to boost your performance in analytics and monitoring. You can also export your results to Powerpoint.

Plans here are offered starting from free trial followed by Small at $49/month, Medium $99/month, Large $199/month and Enterprise $299/month.

11. Buffer

“Spread your social media content with simple approach with Buffer

Built with extremely simple to use interface yet an organized layout, this app would connect all social media sites on one platform. It increases your convenience to create posts and have them uploaded on social media sites.

The app analyses your decision for posting. The algorithm with this program is quite effective for small sized and home-business users. The features would include RSS feeds connectivity, Informative Social analytics, social profile sharing, multi-media profile sharing, business planning and many more and for all of these you would jus need a 2-step login account.

Plans at a free trial and a Free Individual account. The plans can be upgraded to Awesome plan at $10/month, Small at $99/month, Medium at $199/month and Large at $399/month.  

12. Zoho Social

“Don’t just manage your social account but track your every penny invested in with ZohoSocial

One single dashboard and you get hold of all features like managing social networks, monitoring keywords, scheduling unlimited posts and teaming up collaboration.

The program has a powerful media publishing tools to create compelling content for your business. With one single compose window you can publish instantly or schedule for later posts, also you would get percentage of top engagers likely to view post at specified time.

It has inbuilt SmartQ feature which can be also understood as prediction engine and hence you can post at a time when followers are most likely to see them, targeting by location and different time zones.

And if you are working on Chrome or Firefox the SociaShare extensions will allow you to post instantly without leaving the window. There is a Brand Inbox feature that will give you a unified message view filtering them by social networks.

This amazing application is handy with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram and can also be integrated with ZOHO CRM.

Plans include Free trail as well as Free Edition. Standard plans start from $10/month, Professional plan at $50/month Agency Plan at $83.33/month and Agency plan at $125/month  

13. Buzzlogix

“Dynamic interface to control everything on your social media”

Buzzlogix available in 20 different languages, gives you real insights for your product and brand. Buzz radar is one of its features where you and your team is notified about the social media conversation.

It also provides you with keyword monitoring tool, social data analysis, sentiment analysis, customizable dashboard, hashtag suggestion and much more. E-book is available with the software explaining every single detail of each and every feature. It is a Web-based and can be deployed in Windows and Mac.

Plans can be quoted with the company directly depending on your needs and service requirements.

14. Tailwind

“A handy application crafted for your Instagram and Pinterest”

Save time with multi-board pinning, hashtag lists, bulk image upload, drag and drop calendar and other shortcuts with Tailwind. Schedule your posts for right audience at right time and then measure effectiveness with detailed analytics and insights. Also you can monitor your KPIs (key performance indicators) and identify significant metrics for your profiles.

Get features like analytics & reporting, content marketing, content optimization, content promotion, content recommendations, monitoring and trends and schedule for Pins for your Pinterest.

For Instagram management it has Instagram Analytics & Reporting, audience management, hashtag monitoring, Instagram listening, scheduling and UCG content management.

15. HubSpot

“All necessity features built in simple interface”

Don’t make much change in your workflow yet boost you sales team to get quickly started. One of the leading CRM apps and a certified, premier Google partner, HubSpot is choice for all beginners and mid-market companies to blend with on-going sales processes.

Neat management of customer communication with your business, covering acute details is what you get with this app and all for free. It offers integration with popular apps like Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Zapier, Shopify, etc. The program also gives you traffic and conversion rate with HubSpot Marketing- an advanced system form HubSpot suite. It allows your to connect with 1,000,000 contacts and users, and give you unlimited storage for all business models whether individual, B2B or B2C or retailers, accounting, real estate, construction and any other industry.

Plan include Free trial version and a Free account as well. Later you can update for Starter version $50/month, Basic starts at $200/month, Professional at $800/month and Enterprise at $2400/month.

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