7 Important Tips to Consider While Buying Undergarments in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very important phase in every woman’s life. First time moms have to go through many hard days but I’m telling you it is all worth the trouble and I must say that nine months of pregnancy is going to make you the happiest person on the planet once the baby joins your family.

Read how the changes in your life that take place due to pregnancy and one of biggest change is your body size. A tiny human is growing inside you so it is evident that you are going to grow in size meaning that you have to change your wardrobe because now you are wearing clothes for two!

It is easy to buy the outer wear but it is quite hard to figure out inner wear if you are a first time mom because you wouldn’t know your size or how much it is going to grow. Well today at the baby side we are going to talk about things that you need to consider before buying nursing bras and pregnancy underwear but let us look at some of the most common tips that go for both the undies.

1. Measure your size

The first thing that you must do before buying of the maternity clothes is to measure your size properly. At some point during the pregnancy you will start feeling that your bra and your underwear are getting a bit tight. You will start noticing band marks on your skin when you take it off.

That is first sign so visit a maternity clothes store in your area and ask the person there to help you measure your size so that you can get the perfect sized maternity bras and underwear for yourself. The tip to remember here is that you will continue to grow so get something that is stretchable and has high elastic tendency so that it fits you even at the end of pregnancy.

In case of bras you want to go with the maternity bras because they are huge while in case of pregnancy underwear you have two choices. You can either go for low cut stretchable underwear that would just end at the bottom of your bump or you could go with the high cut elastic underwear that is stretchable enough to come over your bump.

2. Choose the right fabric

The second that you need to focus on is the fabric of the under wears. Whether it is a bra or underwear we just that you go for the cotton material. The reason is that your body goes through a lot of hormonal changes during pregnancy.

In case of bras your breasts will get heavier and a bit hard so you don’t want to go for the fancy bras that would make your feel uncomfortable. Plus the mammary glands will start producing milk so we suggest that you go for maternity bras instead of just getting the normal bigger size bras because you don’t want your shirt to be all messed up.

On the other hand in case of underwear cotton material is suggested instead of fancy undies because during hormonal changes your body starts to secrete virginal discharge which can be messy. Cotton material absorbs the discharge and reduces the chances of vaginal bacteria or virus attack that might be harmful for you and your baby.

3. Make sure it is simple

The next is that you need to make sure that it is simple. Fancier underwear and bras can cause a lot of discomfort during pregnancy. There are different changes going on in your body so you never really know how you will react to even the slightest discomfort.

In our normal lives we tend to endure some discomfort just to look perfect for our partners or just for ourselves but during pregnancy that is off the table. So don’t go for the fancy undies made out of net or the ones different decorative material on them such as the embroidery ones and etc. Try the plan and simple cotton made undies.

4. It should be high quality

Quality is the key in buying the perfect nursing bras and pregnancy underwear. You don’t want to go for a low quality product just because it is cheap. Under wears are an essential component when it comes to hygiene so don’t compromise that just for a few bucks.

Get the nursing bras that are elastic and stretchable and will support those huge breast of your throughout pregnancy and even after birth during pregnancy. Whereas in the case of underwear make sure that it is of good quality and the fabric is good enough to provide security against bacteria and other infections.

5. Check if its comfortable

If you have all the above points cover that you will find out that the under wear that you have gotten is quite comfortable and way better than the fancy and regular bras and panties. In case of bras, making sure that it is comfortable is important because if the bands beneath the cups will restrict the blood circulation in the area that might cause heart burn or result in blocked milk ducts.

6. Try a variety of them

The next thing is that you should try a variety of them before buying them so that you know which ones are the most comfortable for you. You can just pick up different ones at the store and try them all before coming to a conclusion on which one is the best one for you.

7. Ask someone for help

Don’t feel hesitated while asking someone less for help. You can ask your sister, cousin or a friend about their experience and see if it is helpful or not. In both ways it is always better to know that someone went through the same experience as you are going through. So reach out to people and see if someone can provide you with the help that you need.