How To Make Kids Comfortable During Eye Exams

Paediatrics (doctors dealing with kids and toddlers) have to perform an eye test Perth from time to time. This is important to know the well-being of the kid and eye is an important organ. It is also important to be familiar with how kids behave. It can be problematic to deal with kids if you are not used to them as they are fragile at that young and tender age. Fortunately, there are some tips you can use to make sure you have a smooth eye exam on kids. Here are a few tips that experienced medical practitioners do or undertake as well as suggest.

Parents should be around during the exams

Kids are more used to their parents more than anyone else. The parents are the kids comfort zone. In fact, it is the only comfort zone that they have and can relate to. Sometimes parents are unsure of their role during a medical exam. But their presence alone is enough for the comfort of the kid because kids tend to be comfortable when they are with the people they know, and who better than the mother and father. They need an authority figure they can trust in the room. If they need eye drops, they will be more compliant if the Perth Optometrist administers it in presence of someone they know. Many times, if the kids is uncomfortable, crying or moving his or her head too much, the Paediatrician asks one of the parent to help with the process.

The parents should have proper instructions

If the kid is likely to shy away or behave in an unnatural manner then it is important for the doctor to give the parent proper instructions on what they should do to calm the child. The parent should set a calm tone to ensure that the child has confidence when it is time to administer the oral drop or eye drop or any other medicine. If the child is scared, the parent can hold their hands to keep them in a light mood. Parents can even offer snacks or sweets to the child to set them in the right mood. This can be done before the process or even during the process in emergencies.

Have something to distract the child

Before an eye test Perth, make sure you have something nice such as a toy to distract the child so that they don’t end up being scared with the eye exam. Even though we have used the word ‘distract’, it actually the actually the attraction of the toy that will help the parents to go through the test process or whatever they would have come there for. You will need something to calm the child and make sure you don’t use the same toy every time the child is being treated. Toys are a good tool to help calm most toddlers, but as mentioned above the mere presence of the parents (both the mother and the father) is a sure fire recipe of things going smooth during any tests involving a kid or a toddler.